Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 Air Purifier

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The Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro has a HEPA filter to remove allergen particles, as well as activated Carbon filter for smoke and odor removal. A UV light is used in conjunction to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, and germs. The XJ-3800 comes with a Ti02 oxidation filter which reduces chemicals and further removes odor. Even with the powerful fan, the purifier is quiet and efficient. The multiple inlet design allows for optimal air flow through the unit. The sensor technology detects and alerts you of chemicals, dust, and allergens in the room.

Clean Air Monitor -

The Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 senses how clean or contaminated the air in your home is. If it senses certain pollutants, it will alert you with an LED light. The more pollutants that it finds, the more LED lights will be lit.

Automatic Mode -

In automatic mode, the Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 will adjust the settings of the air purifier based on how clean or contaminated the air is. For example, if the air is detected to be very polluted, it will run the fan on a higher setting. If the air is determined to be relatively clean, it will run the fan on the lowest setting in order to use less electricity.

Ion/UV Light Indicator -

This sensor verifies the ionizer and UV lamp are working properly. Without these sensors, it is very hard to know if UV lamps and ionizers are fully operational, since there are few signs to verify this.

Filter Replace/Maintenance Indicators -

The filter sensor alerts you when when it is time to replace the HEPA and Activated carbon filter. This way, you do not replace it too soon (saving you money), or too late.


How the XJ-3800 uses 7 Effective Air-Purifying Technologies

7 Cleaning Methods

1. The washable Pre-Filter does not require replacement, and enhances the units durability.

2. The Activated Carbon Filter then adsorbs odors, chemicals, and gases.

3. True HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter removes 99.9% of even the smallest allergens and pollutants.

4. The electrostatically charged Dust Collection Grid traps pollutants and charged particles.

5. The Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter (Ti02) reduces chemicals, odor, and bacteria.

6. The Germicidal UV Lamp kills microorganisms.

7. Air cleaning Negative Ions are circulated around the room, increasing the efficiency of the filter.


As a Surround Air authorized dealer, we provide this item with a 3 Year Warranty. Return Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee (no restocking fees) Replacement Policy: 90-day replacement policy due to factory defect
Perfect For Rooms Up To: 600 sq. ft.

Customer Reviews

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Great unit and very pleased with our purchase,

Thank you for sending another unit in such a timely manner.

a good addition to home

a good addition to home . it is helping keep the environment friendlier.

Great purifier

Great purifier. Room smells better and allergies are not as bad. Great price as well usually see this purifier going for over 200 dollars. Got it for 160.

Great purifier

Great purifier. Room smells better and allergies are not as bad. Great price as well usually see this purifier going for over 200 dollars. Got it for 160.


I was looking for a unit that I could clean the surrounding air in my 2000 square foot loft. After doing research on many units and comparing, I decided to go with this unit. It works great and does a great job on cleaning the air.



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