Hobart 500536001 Ironman 230 MIG Welder Package with DP-3545-20 Spool Gun New

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Hobart 500536001 Ironman 230 MIG Welder Package with DP-3545-20 Spool Gun New

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The Hobart IronMan 230 MIG Wire Welder with DP-3545-20 Spool Gun (500536001) is a total redesign of the full-size MIG platform, outperforming the competition on arc quality, voltage control, duty cycle and value. It delivers 30-250 amps of pure power in a heavy duty cabinet. The arc of the new IronMan 230 is optimized to deliver a flawless weld, making spatter and post-weld cleanup almost non-existent. The IronMan 230 easily runs aluminum from 18 gauge to 1/2 inch thanks to the included Hobart DP-3545-20 spool gun.

  • DC Stick (SMAW) Welding
  • 11,000 Watt AC Generator



    • 15 ft. (4.6 m), 200 amp MIG gun
    • Hobart DP-3545-20 spool gun (300349)
    • Regulator/flowmeter
    • 5 ft. (1.5 m) gas hose with fitting
    • Primary input cable with plug
    • 10 ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp
    • .030/.035 in. dual groove drive roll
    • Extra contact tips
    • Built-in running gear/cylinder rack
    • Weld set-up and parts information chart
    • 5/3/1 Industrial Warranty. Five year warranty on transformers, stabilizers and generators; three years on electronics (drive motors, rectifiers); one year on guns (MIG and plasma torches)


      • Welds 24 gauge up to 1/2 inch material in a single pass
      • Excellent aluminum welding with the included Hobart DP-3545-20 spool gun, also provides extended reach with other wires
      • Twelve-tap voltage control allows for a smooth easy-to-control arc
      • Infinite wire feed speed control for precise adjustment of penetration and weld bead shape
      • Comes complete with 200 amp gun and built-in running gear/cylinder rack
      • Unique spool hub makes changing from 2, 10, 33 and 45 lb. wires spools a snap with a tool-less brake tension knob and automatic wire alignment
      • Built-in thermal overload protects the unit
      • Reversible drive rolls: two grooves for two wire sizes on one drive roll. Decreases spare parts and changeover time
      • Hinged door for easy access to wire drive system for spool and drive roll changes
      • Aluminum wire drive system delivers 0 – 700 IPM wire feed speed
      • Manufactured in USA
      In depth Details:
      Sloped front panel:
      Makes controls easy to see and access

      Arc Performance:
      Excellent short arc performance with easy to control weld puddle.

      175 amps @ 60% duty cycle, and wide amperage range:
      High machine-output duty cycle, increasing productivity with longer welding periods. Versatile for MIG and flux-cored, gas or gasless welding applications. Can weld at higher amps at lower duty cycle.

      12-position voltage control:
      Simplified and accurate adjustments. Maximizes amount of control. Allows for smooth arc with high operator appeal.

      Spool gun ready:
      Easy setup for welding aluminum with no additional interface.

      Reversible drive rools: two grooves for two wire sizes on one drive roll:
      50% less stocking of drive rolls. Standard, one-piece drive roll decreases spare parts and changeover time, reducing overall costs.

      Hinged feeder panel:
      For greater accessibility to wire feeder panel for spool and feed roll changes, increasing productivity and operator appeal.

      Infinite wire feed control:
      Allows for precise adjustment of penetration and weld bead shape.

      Dual side-mounted cable hangers:
      Convenient storage for cables when not in use.

      Cooling system operates only when needed reducing power consumption and containments drawn into the machine.

      Comes complete with factory installed features:
      Ready to set up and weld: comes complete with wire feeder, running gear, cylinder rack, regulator/flow gauge, MIG gun, cable and clamp, extra tips.

      •Shielding Gas and Safety Equipment


          As a Hobart authorized dealer, we offer a 3 years warranty on this item. 
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