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Thank you for visiting our website.  FactoryPure was started by two brothers, Michael and Eugene.  We are a small company that will go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy and informed about the great benefits of our products.  All new items are direct from the manufacturer, so you can be certain you are getting the best prices!

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We truly stand behind the merchandise we sell.  We are proud to provide products that rid your home of toxins and pollutants, and we feel that we offer a more personal touch than what you would get from a bigger retailer.  We would like to share a little bit of our background.



While this company is quite new, the first step of the journey took place many (but not too many!) years ago when I was in college.  The apartment I was living in at the time seemed to have something funky blowing out of the air conditioner, which was causing some mild headaches.  I was set to move out within a few weeks, but decided nonetheless to do a bit of research and find a solution for this problem.  I found out about the benefits of air purifiers and quickly did some research to find the right one for me.  Shortly after flipping it on, I noticed an improvement in how I felt.  Within a few days my apartment became less muggy, and I could really feel the difference with every breath.  My head was less stuffy, and I was thrilled with the results. 



Well, it’s not just my story.  It’s my family’s story.  Our parents came to America in the early 1990s in search of a better life.  My mother worked retail selling household cleaning chemicals, while my father worked jobs painting apartments and cleaning carpets.  My mom always warned us of the dangers of household fumes. Their chemical-intensive jobs pointed us toward looking for a solution to the problem of air quality, as we realized that paint and many other chemicals are used in all houses and apartments.  We were lucky enough to be born to such caring and determined parents, and we have inherited their personality.  

While we do have some terrific experts to answer pertinent questions, you can speak directly to either Eugene or I whenever you contact FactoryPure.  No “let me transfer you to that department,” no “please hold,” and no BS. 


We decided to head into a field in which we are truly vested: our health.  It is something we have studied and practiced everyday in our own lives, and we want to share our extensive knowledge about health and air quality with you.  We understand that the vigor of our livelihood lies in what we let into our bodies.  While most people only associate this with food, the air we breathe is certainly a big part of the picture.  Our goal is to make FactoryPure the place to go for well-written expert advice regarding the air you breathe and how you can make it healthier.  We also will be providing a lot of insight about allergies and asthma.  We are passionate about this field and will go above and beyond to answer any health-related questions you may have.  Please check back often, as we are in the process of filling this site with top-notch information.  Even if you are not in need of any of our products, we welcome you to look through our articles about health and well-being.



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