• Manufacturer: Hobart
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  • Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i 240V 40 Amp Plasma Cutter Manufacturer RFB
  • Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i 240V 40 Amp Plasma Cutter Manufacturer RFB
Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i 240V 40 Amp Plasma Cutter Manufacturer RFB

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Hobart 500566 AirForce 40i 240V 40 Amp Plasma Cutter Manufacturer RFB


Manufacturer Refurbished Two year limited factory warranty
Manufacturer Refurbished 100% certified refurbished by the manufacturer
Manufacturer Refurbished Ships directly from Hobart
Manufacturer Refurbished Includes all original accessories
Manufacturer Refurbished Authorized Hobart dealer
Manufacturer Refurbished Ships out same or next business day

Refurbished units are clean condition and most look brand new, but some may have some minor dings.  Most are unused returns that have never been fired up except during testing.   If there has been prior use, it is very minimal.  Our welders are manufacturer refurbished by Hobart.  All units are fully tested for performance and guaranteed to work like new.  They come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Need to cut steel? Thinking about an oxy acetylene cutting torch to do the job? Consider a plasma cutter. This simple technology uses an electrical arc and compressed air to cut steel, aluminum, and other conductive metals.

The AirForce™ 40i is an economical plasma cutting system for all conductive metals. Inverter-based design and reliable technology pack a lot of performance into a very portable package. The Airforce™ 40i plasma cutting system is excellent for light and heavy industrial users. Automated operations are also well within its range. Unit is compatible with engine-driven welders when powered with a 240 V generator power outlet of 8 kW or more.


What's In the Box:

  • AirForce® 40i Plasma cutter
  • 12ft. XT40R hand-held torch 
  • 12ft. work cable with clamp
  • 10ft. power cord with plug
  • Extra Consumables (1 electrode, 2 tips, 1 deflector and 1 air fitting)
  • Easy-to-connect, built-in gas/air filter and regulator for extra protection



  • Inverter Design - Powerful cutting ability at just over half the weight of prior model (AirForce 625). Weighs only 31.4 lbs.
  • Auto-Refire™ Technology - Allows operator to cut expanded/perforated metals, as well as painted or coated surfaces, without continuously retriggering the torch.
  • Capable with Engine-Driven Welders - Capable of cutting 3/8 to 5/8 in. mild steel when powered by an engine-driven welder with a 240 V generator power outlet of 8 kW or more.
  • New High-Performance Ergonomic Torch - The new XT40R torch is designed for increased comfort, more efficient cooling and longer lasting cutting tips.
  • Post-flow Air Cooling - Cools the torch and tip after cutting, extending life of replaceable tip and electrode.
  • Fan-On-Demand - Runs only when needed reducing dust/debris pulled into unit.
  • Wind Tunnel Technology - Prevents abrasive dust and particles from damaging internal components.
  • Thermal Overload Protection - Built to withstand tough working environments. Rated for 35% duty cycle at 104° Fahrenheit. Duty cycle will increase as environmental temperature decreases.
  • Line Voltage Compensation (LVC) - Provides peak performance power under variable input voltage conditions (±15%) for steady and cleaner ending cuts.
  • Power Factor Correction - Expands operator’s work area via extension cords while minimizing nuisance trips caused by voltage drops.



    Stock Number #500566 AirForce 40i
    Rated Output at 50% Duty Cycle 40 A, at 140 VDC
    Max. Open-Circuit Voltage 400 V
    Amps Input at
    Rated Output, 60 Hz
    208 V
    230 V
    kVA 6.8
    kW 6.6
    Plasma Gas Flow/Pressure 4.8 CFM (136 L/min) at 90 –120 PSI (621–827 kPA) Recommended
    Dimensions H: 11-1/4 in. (286 mm)
    W: 8-1/4 in. (210 mm)
    D: 14-1/4 in. (362 mm)
    Net Weight 40i w/torch: 31.4 lb (14.2 kg)
    Ship weight: 35.8 lb (16.2 kg)


    This Factory Reconditioned Limited Warranty applies to all factory reconditioned Hobart welding equipment and plasma cutters with a serial number preface of MC or newer. This limited warranty supersedes all previous factory reconditioned Hobart warranties and is exclusive with no other guarantees or warranties expressed or implied. Hobart factory reconditioned products are serviced by Hobart or Miller Authorized Service Agencies.

    LIMITED WARRANTY − Subject to the terms and conditions below, Hobart Brothers Co., Troy warrants to its original purchaser that factory reconditioned Hobart equipment sold after the effective date of this limited warranty is free of defects in material and workmanship at the time it is shipped by Hobart. THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS. Within the warranty periods listed below, Hobart/Miller will repair or replace any warranted parts or components that fail due to such defects in material or workmanship. Hobart/Miller must be notified in writing within thirty (30) days of such defect or failure, at which time Hobart/Miller will provide instructions on the warranty claim procedures to be followed. Hobart/Miller shall honor warranty claims on warranted factory reconditioned equipment listed below in the event of such a failure within the warranty time periods. All warranty time periods start on the delivery date of the equipment to the original purchaser, and not to exceed one year after the equipment is shipped to a North American retailer.

    1. 2 Years — Parts and Labor

    * Original Main Power Rectifiers only to include SCRs,diodes, and discrete rectifier modules

    * Reactors

    * Stabilizers

    * Transformers

    2. 1 Years — Parts and Labor

    * Drive Systems

    * Idle Module

    * PC Boards

    * Rotors, Stators and Brushes

    * Solenoid Valves

    * Spot Welder Transformer

    * Switches and Controls

    3. 1 Year — Parts and Labor Unless Specified

    (90 days for industrial use)

    * Accessories

    * Batteries (Trek 180 Only)

    * Contactors

    * Field Options

    * Flowgauge and Flowmeter Regulators (No Labor)

    * HF Units

    * MIG Guns/TIG Torches

    * Plasma Cutting Torches

    * Regulators

    * Relays

    * Remote Controls

    * Replacement Parts (No labor) − 90 days

    * Running Gear/Trailers

    * Water Coolant Systems

    4.90 days – Parts and Labor

    * Motorized guns

    5. Engines, batteries (except Trek 180) and tires are warranted separately by the manufacturer.

    Hobart's Factory Reconditioned Limited Warranty shall not apply to:

    1. Consumable components; such as contact tips, cutting nozzles, contactors, brushes, relays, work station table tops and welding curtains, or parts that fail due to normal wear. (Exception: brushes and relays are covered on all engine-driven products.)

    2. Items furnished by Hobart/Miller, but manufactured by others, such as engines or trade accessories. These items are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, if any.

    3. Equipment that has been modified by any party other than Hobart/Miller, or equipment that has been improperly installed, improperly operated or misused based upon industry standards, or equipment which has not had reasonable and necessary maintenance, or equipment which has been used for operation outside of the specifications for the equipment.

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