J Scott Creations The Natalie Multiple Animal & Dog Kennel 5 Cage Banks Gray New

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J Scott Creations The Natalie Multiple Animal & Dog Kennel 5 Cage Banks Gray New

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Manufacturer Refurbished  1 Year warranty, with extended warranty available
Manufacturer Refurbished Ships from the manufacturer in TX
Manufacturer Refurbished Brand New
Manufacturer Refurbished Authorized J Scott Creations dealer
Manufacturer Refurbished Made in USA



All J Scott Creations kennels are fabricated from 1 inch 16 gauge steel, heavy duty 2x4" welded wire and expanded metal. They are strong and functional. All surfaces are ground before powder coating to insure that there are no sharp edges that might catch an unsuspecting shoulder or paw. The process of powder coating bonds color onto the metal surface providing further smoothing and protection from urine and feces.

Each Kennel size comes standard with removable slider-walls to adjust each kennel's bank sizes, locking anti-scuff casters, and heavy duty bolt latches. Sliders are made of solid FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) Glassboard and are framed with stainless steel that is powder coated the same color as the kennel. Also impervious to urine and feces, making the sliders easy to clean and sanitize. The Brittany and Christine come with Solid FRP walls and floors.


  • Heavy duty 16 gauge steel construction
  • Powder coated for durability and protection
  • Powder coating currently available in these 5 stunning colors (RAL Color Standard):
    • Black
    • Pink (4010)
    • Gray (7037)
    • Purple (4007)
    • Light Turquoise (6027)
  • 2" x 4" welded wire mesh
  • Bank configurations Available:
    • Natalie (5 Bank Kennel)
    • Ashley (9 Bank Kennel)
    • Maggie (11 Bank Kennel)
    • Brittany (13 bank Kennel)
  • Removable slider-walls to adjust & extend bank sizes
  • Slider Walls made of FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) Glassboard with Powder Coated steel frame
  • Heavy Duty Bolt Latches
  • Locking anti-scuff casters



  • 5 Bank Kennel
  • 3x2 Configuration
  • Total Dimensions: 50" H x 72" W x 24" D
3 Top Kennels:
  • 24"W x 18"H x 24"D
    2 Bottom Kennels:
    • 36"W x 26"H x 24"D 
    • Removable slider-walls to adjust each kennel
    • Solid FRP on all sides except front
    • Heavy duty bolt latches
    • Drop trays are additional cost


    Natalie (5 Bank Kennel)

    • 3x2 Configuration
    • Top Kennels (3) - 24"W x 18"H x 24"D
    • Bottom Kennels (2) - 36"W x 26"H x 24"D 
    • Total Dimensions: 72" Wide x 24" Deep 50" Tall
    • Weight: 400 lbs

    Ashley (9 Bank Kennel)

    • 4x3x2 Configuration
    • Upper Kennels (4) - 18"W x 18"H x 24"D
    • Middle Kennels (3) - 24"W x 20"H x 24"D
    • Bottom kennels (2) - 36"W x 28"H x 24"D 
    • Total Dimensions: 72" Wide x 24" Deep 66" Tall
    • Weight: 500 lbs

    Maggie (11 Bank Kennel)

    • 4x4x3 Configuration
    • Top/Middle Kennels (4 each) - 24"W x 18"H x 24"D
    • Bottom Kennels (3) - 30"W x 26"H x 24"D
    • Total Dimensions: 90" Wide x 24" deep x 62" Tall
    • Weight: 550 lbs

    Christine (12 Bank Kennel)

    • 4x4x4 Configuration
    • Each Bank Dimensions - 15"W x 17"H x 23"D 
    • Solid FRP Glassboard walls and floor
    • Puppy Guard on Doors
    • Total Dimensions: 60" Wide x 24" Deep x 51" High
    • Weight: 480 lbs

    Brittany (13 bank Kennel)

    • 5x4x4 Configuration
    • Top Row Dimensions (5) - 19"W x 16"H x 24"D
    • Middle Row Dimensions (4) - 24"W x 24"H x 24"D
    • Bottom Row Dimensions (4) - 24"W x 30"H x 24"D
    • Solid FRP Glassboard walls and floor
    • Total Dimensions - 96"W x 76"H x 24"D
    • Weight: 600 lbs


    J Scott Creations' mission is to design, build and share custombeautiful, unique, safe, and enduring surroundings for animals.  
    They strive to give each client a custom product fitted to their unique situation. Each client has a dream or perfect project in their mind: the perfect size, the perfect color with the perfect design to fit their salon, boarding facility, sporting or showing vision. Their mission is to make that dream a reality.

    They truly believe in what they produce. J Scott Creations strives for a quality product that exceeds your aesthetic and design needs. They are constantly pushing for a more beautiful, a more unique, a safer and a more enduring product. To that end, J Scott's fabrication and design process is always changing, and always improving. Their philosophy is what makes working with clients so rewarding; continuously challenging their skills and creative abilities.



    The manufacturer J Scott Creations warranties their kennels on workmaship within normal wear and tear.


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