Niwa One Standard Indoor Smart Garden New

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Niwa One Standard Indoor Smart Garden New

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Niwa One Standard - Indoor Smart Garden

The Niwa One Standard is the ideal smart garden to grow produce like peppers, tomatoes and other smaller fruits and vegetables. In the Niwa One Series, the Niwa One Standard is the most popular smart garden size and price for those eager to bring fresh fruits and vegetables from their shelf to their plates.

Dimensions: 37 inches (94 cm) height x 18.5 inches (47.5 cm) width x 10.2 inches (26 cm) depth


The Niwa One System creates the best environment to grow your plants

Niwa is a hardware and software platform designed to enable anyone to grow at home through a simple user experience. With the Niwa One system, you simply have to download the app, connect your unit to the internet and begin growing. To do this you have to plant your seeds, launch the application and choose what you want to grow. At that point, the Niwa One system creates an environment perfect for your plants throughout all stages of development.

The Niwa One systems can grow a diverse set of crops: tomatoes, peppers, lettuces and other herbs. The Niwa platform is an ideal way to grow and learn to farm especially if you've never grown fruits and vegetables before. The platform extends beyond a simple grow system with an app. It supports a global community that learns from one another enhancing the growing experience and intelligence. We're collecting data from sensors and learning from our growers to ensure the platform continues to evolve over time. Come be part of the Niwa community to see what you can grow!

Growing for yourself is the next best lifestyle

Have you seen the most recent blockbuster movie? Ate at the newest and hippest restaurant in town? Here is one for you. Did you recently eat a salad that was grown in your living room? If you did, then you would have the hippest meals in town. Don’t have FOMO. Get a Niwa, share your salad and enjoy with those you care about!


A fully-automated and smart hydroponic system that lets you grow in your home all year-round

Climate Control - Niwa One Standard is a growing autonomous chamber that automatically creates the perfect climate for your plants based on their type and life-cycle (peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens...) with the 100w heater included in the box. The heating system uses around 80W when on and the usage depends on the room temperature.

Smart Lighting - Niwa computes the amount of power consumption depending on how much natural light that is exposed on your plants, thanks to its E27 Custom LED Lamp. The LED lamp uses around 15W when on, and your computer uses around 10W (always on).

Automated Irrigation - Niwa knows when to water your plants, and will let you know if your tray runs out of water. The Niwa One Standard includes a 300l/h Water Pump. 

Faster Growth - A smart system that creates the perfect conditions for your plants to grow them in an indoor environment, with no pesticides at all

    As a Niwa authorized dealer, we offer a 1 year factory warranty on this item. The one year limited warranty covers any defects in material, hardware design or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period of 12 months from the day an order is executed.

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