NovelAire ComfortDry 250 Desiccant Dehumidifer

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NovelAire ComfortDry 250 Desiccant Dehumidifer - FactoryPure

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The NovelAire ComfortDry 250 is an excellent household dehumidifier designed to keep air comfortable and inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and dust mites. This model uses hot water for power and is designed to run efficiently and save on energy. The airflow capacity is 300 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and the moisture removal capacity is around 105 PPD (Pints per Day). This is a whole house dehumidifier that can be installed to stand alone or to integrate with the household air conditioning system so as to more efficiently disperse dehumidified air.

The NovelAire ComfortDry 250 will effectively cover areas up to 3000 square feet in size, so it is also good for warehouses, storage areas, restaurants, server rooms, and more. Freight/shipping cost is included in the price. We are an authorized NovelAire retailer, and this product comes with a one-year warranty on the unit and a five-year warranty on the desiccant wheel.

NovelAir ComfortDry 250 Residential & Industrial Dehumidifier: Key Features & Specifications

  • Power: 120 V, 15A Circuit, 1PH | 60 HZ, FLA 5.2, RLA 2.9
  • Control & Interlock: 24 vac
  • Weight: 137 lbs
  • Process Volume: 300 CFM
  • Regeneration Volume: 300 CFM
  • Capacity (@80F, 60% RH): 105 Pints/Day
  • Hot Water Requirement: 1-2 GPM @ 120F-160F
  • Sized For: Up to 3000 SQ. FT. - Typical
  • Dehumidifies with any hot water source to control humidity independently
  • Prevents the growth of mildew, dust mites, and mold by maintaining 50% RH
  • Saves energy by maintaining comfort at higher set point temperatures
  • If solar-collected or waste hot water is used, energy savings can be even higher
  • No need to hassle with condensate lines or water buckets

Installation, Operation, & Dimensions:

NovelAire ComfortDry 250

NovelAire ComfordDry250

This NovelAire product comes with a limited 1-year warranty on the unit. For complete details, please see our Warranty Page from the top menu.
Perfect For Rooms Up To: 3000 sq. ft.

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