Allergy Bedding

Millions of Americans suffer from allergies, asthma, or another respiratory sensitivity.  These conditions are exacerbated by soft household items, such as sofa cushions, pillows, stuffed animals, soft furniture, rugs, carpet, and all types of bedding.  These materials trap allergens like dust, spores, and pet dander.  Your bed is also a perfect breeding ground for dust mites and other critters, like bed bugs.  Dust mites feed off of your dead skin cells, and they love the warm environment created by a sleeping body. Dust mites defecate in beds, and many people are allergic to this matter, which both clings to bedding material and gets kicked up into the air as a person gets in or out of bed.  Bed bugs lay eggs and shed their skin in beds. Additionally, they cause painful or itchy bites. The products in this section are designed to combat all of these issues.  Protect-A-Bed® manufactures mattress pads and encasements that are designed to seal off the bed and make it difficult for these pests to eat and reproduce.  The materials are also waterproof and impervious to their bites. Pacific Coast® produces pillows, comforters, and feather beds of the highest quality; they are cleaned far more thoroughly than traditional bedding so as to remove allergens and irritants from the materials. Furthermore, the Pacific Coast® products we have selected for our webstore are hypoallergenic, meaning they feature materials that are more resistant to dust and other allergens than traditional materials.  They come with Pacific Coast's 30-Day Allergy-Free Guarantee. These products are designed to create a safer, healthier, and more comfortable home environment for you and your family.  Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or if you need some help determining what solutions are best for you.

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