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Quiet Air Purifiers

This section features air purifiers that function around or below 60 decibels, which is generally described as the sound level of a "normal conversation."  This selection is designed for those looking for an air purifier to place in the bedroom, living room, or other areas within the home that we don't want getting too loud.  Additional applications include waiting rooms, restaurants, offices, storefronts, shops, lobbies, schools, and more.  

Some people will tell you that a quiet air purifier cannot also have high airflow capacity.  However, many of these models include variable fan speed control, meaning you can set the machine to high-power when no one is home and have it return to a quieter mode when preferred.

Please note that the products in this category are still placed within their respective categories - Allergy/Asthma, Pet Dander, Microbial, Small/Portable, et cetera.  Be sure to contact us if you would like any advice regarding what model is best for you.



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