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Very nice generator. Started on first try. Using propane. Pull start was on first try too.all in all.i highly recommend this product

So far so good

I have run the generator or for 10 hr on propane.
It seems to run good. Going to Grand Canyon after labor day and this should be the real test!

Good Generator at a good price

Bought 6 of these to add to our fleet. These are the only generators we will use due to price and quality.

Produc with defect, damaged, factorypure just sent me directly to the manufacturer

Produc came with small physical damage (bended gas tank, stained paint). That I can take. However, the system does not work due to engine defect. Intead of sending code for exchange, just provided a phone number for me to deal directly with equipment manufacturer and activate warranty.....very bad customer service....

Marey Tankless Water Heater

Very easy to install and is working beautifully.

Awesome generator, fantastic price

I have used this generator a couple of times now and it works great. I have only used propane fuel which is so much easier to use then gas. Not spillage, easy to hook up, and portable tank will keep the generator running for a good long time. The price I got here was also fantastic as well.


Generac 6922 2800 PSI 2.4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Manufacturer RFB


I am very happy with my purchase it is everything it was described as and at a great price


Fast delivery excellent pressure started right up and works great


Haier HPN10XCM 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Refurbished


It's a lot louder then we expected. Limits our time using it.

Horrible experience

My unit was received with both broken parts, sightly damaged parts, and missing parts. I called customer service and would to a very nice gentleman that told me he would be sending out an email to get everything taken care of ASAP. That was 10v days ago. I've heard nothing back, even after sending factory pure customer service a follow up email. I ordered this to be used, not take up space in my garage.


Easy set up, runs great,have not had a chance to put it under a load. The battery will not hold a charge. Good clear instructions,
easy start up guide is a great help.

Haier 6050

It is very very quiet if that's your priority .
But takes a long time to cool a room not a strong blower even when on high .

Rough Start But Great Ending

Original unit was lost in shipping. Unit did arrive, but was damaged. The people at FactoryPure worked hard getting another unit that was scheduled to be installed at my mothers home. Congrats to the folks at FactoryPure for working hard to get replacement unit to me.

Brand New Engine Froze Up

Bought a Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot 3100 PSI Honda GC190 Gas Pressure Washer, opened the box, assembled according to the instructions and proceeded to pull the cord to start the engine. Evidently, the engine is froze and will not even turn. Called the service department and tried everything they said. Now I have to take it to a authorized dealer 45 minutes drive away and drop it off and they are two weeks out on repairs. I would not purchase this machine, mine is 2 hours old, never used and will not turn over. If the factory tried this out first, it was during their dream.

So far, so good...

I was a little concerned when I first received this unit as it seemed it would not run steadily (It surged up and down) while I ran it for a couple of hours to break-in the motor. However, when I applied a load of at least 200 watts to it, it ran perfectly. A couple of days later I took it on the first camping trip and it ran normally while powering my camper. When I returned from that trip, I ran it for about 1 1/2 hours, till dry, and it no longer surged while running with no load.

It is extremely quiet, especially in the ECO mode.

Very Happy with delivery & product

Wonderful Pressure washer & delivered very fast & in excellent condition


Works great. Cools my dining area and living room. Looks brand new. I will defitnetly recommend this product and factory pure. AC arrived in 2days.

Great unit... does what it's supposed to

Easy set up, honest description. Product works great! Came with a little body damage. (A part where the outside panel had broken away from the screw holding it on, but for the price and the super easy processing of the order and prompt shipping, I'm impressed. I'm using the unit in about 600 sq ft open area on the top floor of a 70s split entry... my insulation isn't stellar. For this area it's a little undersized, but keeps up when temps outside are under 90 and keeps it not too much over 75 when temps are greater than 90 while continuing to run during the warm parts of the day into evening.... sure beats the heat, but for the BTU rating, it's excellent. Will be looking at factorypure for other needs before looking elsewhere for sure.

Great power

Good looking machine very quick start I recommend also the pole to cleanup the gutters so much easy

Works perfectly!

Bought this to install in my camper to replace the small tank water heater that barely lasts one shower. Set the max temp and it works all day long with no problems. Always starts right up. Doesn't require electricity and doesn't use more propane than what you use for a shower. Going to buy another to heat my pool. Great product!

Good deal

I was surprised at how fast it arrived ( two ). But had to pick it up at the shipping company or pay $79 to ship to home. So much for free delivery. Purchased a refurbished unit and itwas in a little bit rougher shape than expected. The rear panel was peeled back with a few screws missing and sheared off and the top had a reallativly large area where the finish was worn off clear down to bare metal. Not too difficult of a fix and unit was easy to install and functions as it should.


I was sceptical about this unit, but so far it proves itself to be quite powerful, it starts a 15000 r/v a/c with no problem in eco mode, that's what I wanted.
Seems to be well made, just make sure you break it in for the five hours as recommended then change oil.

Great Purchase

Bought this to replace an aging Bosch Tankless. Both had Basically the same ratings. The Marey out performed by far. Easy to self install when replacing a previous tankless and just not that difficult to install if you have a tank type. All the hardware you need can be found at any home improvement store.

more watts for less $

Received my Generac ix 2000 within days or ordering. After adding oil & gas I ran it in the driveway for an hour- no problems. I used it every other day in Maine on a remote lake for 10 days with no issues. This Generac started easily every time and although it is a bit hefty at 45 lbs. and perhaps slightly louder than a 1000 watt Honda, I have no regrets. In fact, I plan on using this Generac as an emergency back-up (mainly for heating system) in case of outages at my home in upstate NY.


Poorly packed. did not get tool kit.

Happy with my water heater

I'm very happy with my tankless water heater needed to purchase some extra parts to install but all and all very happy with it and water is hot!

Factory Pure Did Their Part Excelently

Factory Pure shipped my order promptly. It was well packaged and arrived undamaged.


Pressure washer not working and bad costumer service. Not buying from them anymore

Great find!

We have windows that open side to side (vertically) instead of the standard up and down ones (horizontal) so we needed a unit that would allow us to use our bedroom window. This unit is great because it came with a window kit that we were able to adjust to fit perfectly in our window. Not only does it fit well, but it also cools down our room (which is on the 2nd floor) really well. We thought 8000 BTU may be too much, but we have a larger bedroom and it's just right. Honestly, works just as good as a window a.c unit...couldn't tell the difference. We haven't emptied the water in the unit yet or received our first electric bill, but we are very happy with this purchase. Highly recommend it!

Great generator

I am very pleased with my purchase. My generator came very quickly,it only had 2hrs on it .works great. I love being able to use gasoline or propane.

Great Unit

This little unit does exactly what it is intended to do for a small area. Also, customer service was excellent and I received it the next day.

Powerful machine

Good machine fired right up on propane which is my preferred fuel barely even twitched when I hooked up my saw. I recommend it as a good buy.

waiting to see

The item came shipped with a damaged 5" hose which I hope will be replaced so I can set it up and start using it.

Champion dual fuel!!!

Great generator love the daul fuel!!! very quiet running great purchase!!

Best Dehumidifier

I've had several dehumidifiers and this one is the best. It is compact and quieter than any other I have had. In addition, the service was excellent. They called me to make sure I got what I wanted when I wanted it!

great company.

It's summer so haven't used it yet. But is in great like new shape. Arrived without the control unit but one quick phone call and new unit was here in a couple days. Also was confusion over shipping charges which was resolved in seconds with them covering everything. I wish every company was that easy to do bussiness with. If you ever have an issue it is nice to know this company will be there to help you. That is as important as the product itself these days.

4 stars

looks great, came fast, checks out good,

As Advertised

I have had my generator for several weeks and logged about 65 hours on it. No problems.

The only negative is the noise, but I was advised of that before purchase.

We have about 68 hours on this unit.

We have run the unit primarily on LP but did use it several hours with gas. Both seem to work well.

We spent considerable time researching this acquisition as we really needed the generator to work for us.

We have operated it with a full load and it performed as advertised.

I would recommend this to anyone without reservations as the value is really there, especially when compared with other brands.

Could not be happier

AC and Heat work perfectly. Quieter than I expected and keeps a large living room very comfortable.

Leaks oil

I used this generator once for a short period of time. I went to use it again about a week later and noticed oil leaking from a seal. I emailed factory pure about this problem several times and never heard back from them. I wouldn't recommend buying one from this website.

I apologize, we did not see an email come in from you. We will get this taken care of right away. If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call anytime at 888-978-4993.
Whynter ARC-143MX Dual-Hose Portable Air

This is the 3rd unit I have purchase 2 factory reconditioned and this new one. All 3 units are still in use 1st one is 3 years old and working well. Love them. Thanks for fast shipping

good buy

Great little generator. Fast shipping

Easy to install, but requires relatively large water flow to trigger the fire

My 2nd floor bathroom's water pressure isn't very high. If I turn the hot water all the way up the water heater will heat the water but the water will be way way too hot(even if I put the heating knob to the lowest setting). But when I turn the water from hot to warm(mixed hot water with cold water), because of the water pressure not high enough, the water heater will shut down and the water will become too cold. So it's either way too hot or way too cold. The only way I can solve this is to open another hot water faucet in the bathroom, to keep the hot water flow big enough and keep the fire on. This is not only a hassle but also a waste of hot water. I wish the manufacturer can add more range to the setting so the hot water flow can be triggered with less flow.


Very happy so far with this pressure washer, love the Honda engine. Washer is well made, and starts easily. I can hook it up and start washing in one minute, accessories store easily on the unit. Powerful , and I like the included quick connect nozzle options. 5 stars so far.

Top Notch

Great price, fast shipping!

Marey ECO180 Review

I completed installation last week with ease. Although the unit is small in size, it produces hot water as advertised. I plan to purchase a smaller unit to supply hot water to 2 rest rooms in the near future.

Great buy

The day I received our Champion 1002631 I filled the generator with oil, hooked up the battery and the propane tank. It started immediately. I have tested all the features except for running with gasoline. My intent is to only run propane. I have completed the 5 hour breakin run time with no problems. It is easy to change the oil.

It has great power for my needs as a stand alone emergency power supply at our house to run an a/c window unit and household appliances. We live in hurricane country and I believe this is the perfect size generator for us.

It is light enough and small enough to travel with. By utilizing only propane fuel it can be safely transported in any vehicle without residual fumes.

I am pleased to recommend this generator.



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