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Great Power Plant

Only have 20 hours on unit. Changed oil with full synthetic. Good price and free delivery! Just installed a maintenance timer to keep track of oil changes. We'll see how it goes. Full time RV living so it will get used.

Generac IQ2000 1600W/2000W Ultra Quiet Inverter Generator Manufacturer RFB

Smart purchase.

Recived in a timely manner. Unit started quickly,ran great. It powered the whole house during the test run. More at ease knowing I have the power to run my home in a power outage.

Marey eco180 and this is a good report

I found that I was an error for my house did not have the proper service to run the tankless hot water system.
I did not fully understand the electrical needs of this unit my home only has a 100-amp service and I could not afford to change the service to something higher. I am sure this is one of the most excellent products on the market especially because there was no cleaning involved as there is in other tankless systems, but because of the above reasons I had to send it back for a refund. I'm sorry that I did not understand ahead of time the type of service and difficulty I did run into.
I have nothing but good comments and we'll recommend your systems to anyone who inquires. I do believe you are a very reputable company. Sincerely Sam Taylor 👍

Fill if and forget it!

I fill it once per week and this feeder will handle both my cat’s appetites! I have it sett for 2 feedings per day with the nice option to do an express feed at anytime.
A true life saucer if you have pets!

Trash pump

I never received product very unhappy

Great buy!

The Scooter was easy to assemble! I 'm an 80 yr. Old arthritic person and had no help. A very comfortable padded seat and it has headlights. The only difficult part was getting the box open to start.

The pink halo we purchased right hand charging indicator lights have never worked. It takes more lean(power) on right side when on a incline. My daughter has scratches on palms, it abruptly shut off. I have talked live with your service, have not been contacted for 2 weeks.

Need parts

I am still waiting for the LP hose to be sent to me.


I have not figured out how to download the app and how to make the robot do something. I am not computer savey but it should not be this hard to download the app

Awesome Experience

No issues. Fast shipping. Wonderful to deal with !

Hobart 27i

Not an expert but appears to perform as advertised.

As promised

Seems to be a nice unit. I have had Honda's before, and this seems to be just a nice. I like how easy it is to get tho the oil and battery. The remote start is a great feature also !


The generator is perfect. I work construction and use it daily for saws and other electrical hand tools. It’s quiet and efficient.

Shipment speed

shipment came ON TIME and undamaged.

1000w go cart

Everything seems to be up to par with the product. Very solid and durable. The only thing that kept it from the 5 star mark is the wait time we had for these two.

Great generator; Factory Pur is wonderful; LOUSY delivery service

I love our new generator. It goes on automatically whenever the power goes out and it easily powers our 3000 sf house. But, the company hired to deliver the generator wouldn't come within 3 miles of our home to even attempt delivery...and many semi trucks have had no problem. The delivery man called to say he was returning our generator to the warehouse as undeliverable. I called our contractor, who had to meet this truck driver and transfer the huge generator from his truck to our same-sized truck. Because of our contractor, it
was finally delivered and installed.

General 16kw

Everything seems in order. Waiting for the electric company to update the meter pole.
We asked and were assured at least 3 or 4 times that the generator would be delivered on a box truck with a lift because an 18 wheeler could not navigate our driveway. So it arrives on an 18 wheeler and my husband had to take off work for 2 hours to go home and get a pickup and trailer and meet the simi in town and haul it home and then return to work. We feel we did everything possible to clarify delivery instructions. Where did the communication get dropped????

RGB generator

Got rid of old gas and ran fine.

Love my scooter

I got my scooter about 4 yrs ago .... I can ride it anywhere... I can now go to amusment parks, the zoo, baseball games, concerts, church,..anywhere I have to walk far or long standing times like grocery lines and Disneyland lines,
I love it so much that I'm looking to buy another in a different color😍 love it!!!!

Do not purchase CPAP here.

Wrong machine delivered with incorrect pressure settings. Would not trust this company with medical equipment sales at all.


I bought this for my husband for Christmas, and he absolutely loved it! My brother in FL recommended it; he said they have one and use it for all purposes after a hurricane. So I just knew it would fit our needs in the Midwest.



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