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cold weather kit

it does not tell you if battery warmer has set temp. to come or if its on all the time it did not come with spec. sheet


Shipping was received in a timely manner.

Generac installation

Arrived in good crate undamaged. Manual pics did not match unit. Jet replacement was not as shown in manual but I managed to complete. Unit tested good and has performed well during last power outage except it stopped with a low speed warning light. Cleared light and restarted without incident. Very satisfied.

37 ton wood spliter

That 37 ton wood splitter is a Beast Although I had to fix the pull handle it good 👍


Great purchase and customer service!!!

Bad Service!!!!!

I have never received this from your company!

Product is good so far
Delivery without notification

GENMAX GM10500iETC Tri-Fuel Generator

Well satisfied with the inverter generator, really quiet and well made.
Great shipping, received generator 2 days after placing the order withFactorypure

water heater

So far it is working fine and we are pleased.

I just cut down 8, 70’ tall poplar trees

I am using my new super handy 120 volt chipper shedder to shred the leaves. I had to let the leaves dry for about a week. Then they shredded great. My only problem is with the bag. I can’t seal up the top of the bag tight enough to stop the shredded leaves from blowing out. Not a real problem. I moved the shredder farther away from the house and garage. Trying to figure out a way to cut a hole in the bag and put a piece of screen in it. Other than my compost pile is is getting bigger and bigger

Kohler 26RCAL-200SELS Standby Generator 26KW 120/240V Single Phase 200A Automatic Transfer Switch and OnCue Plus New

No Warranty Support

I purchased a Westinghouse inverter4500 1 1/2 year ago. Right out of the box, it started & ran ok but would not put out any electric power. It wouldn't even power the 12 volt converter in our camper without the overload light coming on and the generator bogging down. Not a carburetor or choke problem like a lot of people have had but like the generator overpowers the engine. I let it sit a couple of days and then tried it again. Then it worked good. We got one camping trip in using it. I winterized it properly for the winter. I went to use it this summer and again, no power. Overload light stays on, hit ht reset button and the green light comes on for 1 second then the overload light comes on. This is with nothing plugged in to any of the outlets. I put in a service request and was given a case number. That was a 1 1/2 month ago. So far all I have gotten is 2 emails requesting information that I already gave them plus a video. Apparently they won't do anything without a video of the problem. I sent one but it is so short due to email limits that it won't help. They respond to me with sarcastic remarks in an email but won't call me when I asked them to. I have asked for info on a local service center but they won't respond. Lot of good a 3 year warranty is. The warranty will be expired before they get this resolved. Just for info I am not new to engines or generators. I know when something is going to need more than a phone a mechanic to fix it. It needs to go to a proper service shop, be replaced or refunded. Westinghouse case # SC213060

Everything was done as expected. The shipping and condition of the item was in good shape

Where's my money?

You owe me for sending the wrong item.

Jams up a fair bit

I attempted to process a brush pile in my yard. I noticed that if given any wet or voluminous material, said materials would clog on the screen placed behind the output chute. Obviously this is less than ideal. Moreover the motor does not have the kind of torque required to chew through a blockage and the machine simply jams. Careful selection of material can somewhat ameliorate this issue but it's less than ideal. I don't know what kind of mechanism would be required to produce a machine where this is not the case, whether it be gearing or some sort of interlocking screws instead of the freely attached blade, but suffice it to say it's not present in this machine.

Great Generator

Everyone at Factory Pure was very helpful and knowledgeable. We ordered this generator at the time a hurricane was in our area and they explained there would be a shipping delay. It arrived well packaged and the delivery driver was friendly and helpful. It was easy to assemble and had some added tools and things included. Fortunately other than making sure it runs and produces electricity we have not used it yet. We highly recommend this company and the product.

Cummins Onan P9500DF 7500W/9500W A058U967 Portable Dual Fuel Remote Start Generator New

The mower looks good. We have had a weather dry time period and I have not used the mower yet.

Englander 32NC

Well made stove, but would recommend rethinking the shipping protection. Stove was miraculously received without damage, but bricks were scattered throughout the inside of the unit and carton was not secure. I got lucky I guess.

Delivery Problem

Cranks/Runs fine on gasoline. Cranks first on propane but if you shut off, it will not crank again. DuroMax is sending a new regulator. R&L Delivery left the generator at the end of our 250 ft driveway. Did not call to report it was there.

I love the generator but I called customer service and got no help. I’m trying to get an extra remote. They gave me a phone number to another company and they said I have to get the remote from you guys.


Haven’t fired it up yet. Wiring the house for generator in spare time. As far as ordering and delivery experience has been flawless.

Generac GP9200E Generator 9200W/11250W Gas Electric Start with COsense Technology Manufacturer RFB

Haven't used it yet