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Not happy with it .

We installed 2 of these units in our new home one goes to each bathroom. One of these units had a hole that was in the brass and started to leak. We replaced it with a new one not warranty and around 3months later the other one stopped working with E1 trouble reset the unit many times and it doesn't seem to won't to work . I don't want another one.

Firman H07552 7500W/9400W Dual Fuel Electric Start 50A Generator Manufacturer RFB


My 24 kw generator was smashed on delivery . Delivery company also didn't give any heads up or courtesy call to let me know that they were even delivering . I still haven't received my front cover for generator . If that shows up in a timely manner I would be inclined to give a 5 star.

Perfect Fit !

I have a Generac 8000 to 12000 unit. The cover fits perfectly with enough fabric at each end to tuck the elastic over the wheels and the tubular frame on the other end. Recently had extremely high winds with little to no effect on the cover. Perfect.

Great board so far!

I’m really enjoying since i never get to go snowboarding

Looks good

I hav'nt even put gas in it yet. Instructions were good, went together easily. I put oil in it and hit the starter button, turned over fine.


I have not yet used the generator, but the price was right and the wattage is perfect for the house and RV. The design is also perfect and so easy to handle for 124 lbs.. I could not believe how easy it was to move around. WOW, great job. Also, I really liked the way you packed it. It was so easy to put the wheels and handles on. Thank you for that. And the Manuel is in English only. Thank you for that. Seems like you did a great job on this new generation of generators. Have already told many friends.

Very happy so far.

Here in upstate new york this morning we lost power. Minus 20 below fired right up and plugged furnace into it. Run about 3 hours till power come back on.

Awesome RV water heater

This tankless water heater is the best on the market!! It’s super easy to install and works like a charm!! Endless hot water in a RV!! What could be better???

Very impressed with the company and the product, I will definitely use factory pure for future items.

Read the details

I ordered the IR-30 without understanding the temperature limitations. I have had to pay for return shipping and it has been a bit of a struggle getting a refund.

I ordered the IR-260 and have yet to have it installed. I hope it works out.

Good so far!

The generator arrived with no issues. Put the wheels on, added gas (already had the oil in it, battery and handle installed) and started right up. It ran the house and heater without any problem, there wasn’t even a sound change from the generator. The only items I turned off before using the generator was the TV and computer. It is also quieter than my other generator. I purchased the extended warranty and when I contacted customer service about any paperwork for it, I heard back extremely quickly and had everything I needed. The generator showed 0 hours and came with the factory cover and a funnel. Very happy so far!

So far so good!

The setup out of the box was easy, didt it quickly and without much confusion. Everything seems to be quality and unbeatable for the price point! I’m curious to see how they hold up long term.


it looks like it is going to do the job. i have it on propane. i bought it in case the
electric goes out again for my house..
the shipping and when i ordered it from factory pure was fast and came undamaged. ..this is aaaaaaa company

duo fuel generator

we love the ease of use on this item very user friendly.

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Made in China

A less expensive fireplace insert, and for good reason. It is “so very EPA certified” and approved for California it’s actually difficult to get a fire established without leaving the door open a crack until the fire is burning well. I’ve owned seven wood stoves of different brands over the last 50 years. Possibly I miss-read the advertising literature, but I thought it was supposed to have been manufactured in Canada. Is there a city in China named Canada? Sticker on the back says made in China. The Californiakated air intake port is “cute,” about an inch in diameter for full burning mode. Pros: It heats my living room. Cons: see above comments. Keep shopping. . . Elsewhere.

Bare minimum

Having previously installed a similar system, I was not pleased to find only the bare pipe with a few fittings, missing the bird scream at the top. Price was better than some systems, but of course it should be if it doesn’t have the insulation that goes around the pipe to make it a legitimate installation.
So I called the company and said I needed the rest of the parts that usually come with the chimney flue installation kit and they said oh but it’s made in Canada so it should meet code. My mistake I guess, for not reading the fine print and for expecting too much.

Excellent service

At a time when companies can’t get things. This company said they had it in stock and it came in three days from ordering it. Not like other places who make 5 month excuses for lying.

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Hydro crunch 2.5x2.5 grow tent

Good construction although there are many flaws with the design. Zipper needs to zip down to close it instead of up. Ventilation ducts should be at the top In stead of the middle. no one uses a cool hood any more. Also should have velcro on the outside of the top flaps to help keep it light tight

Ashley wood stove

Easily ordered and delivered in a timely manner

Easy start

Unpacked assembled in less than 30 minutes. Hooked straight to propane and test started it. Turned over couple times and start and ran smoothly. Purchase for the dual fuel as my gas generator is used for emergency back up for house and the gas has to be replaced every year. Durostar dual fuel has now replaced my gas one with the use of propane. Durostar generator’s are a great price Would recommend.
I own Honda, Champion, blackmax and Durostar. Save your money and buy a Durostar.



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