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Happy in Florida!!

My generator arrived fully assembled and covered in its original box. After fueling and checking the oil level I turned on the battery switch and pressed the starter button, the motor started on the first try. Not nearly as loud as I imagined for a unit that size. My generator was like new with less than 1 hour on the meter. I couldn’t be happier with the service the price and the delivery method. It’s comforting to be prepared for power losses for years to come.


Champion 100110 9200W/11500W Electric Start Gas Generator

Power Washer

Great price, great delivery time and a great power washer. I will definitely buy from these guys again.

Dewalt DXGNR7000 7000W Auto Idle Generator Manufacturer RFB from our store FactoryPure.

Came 2 wks sooner than promised, ran on first try, pulled rated amps. Looked new, just don't see how it could have been better

Dewalt DXGNR7000 7000W Auto Idle Generator

Easy to assemble. Started right away. Ran it out of gas to store.

Champion Dual Fuel Generator

I am very happy with this generator. It started right up on both propane and gasoline. Comes with a battery maintainer, which other companies don't usually provide.

Off - the - grid

I don.t usually write reviews , but been so impressed with my ga10lp , I felt I needed to say something. We have an off the grid cabin in the Ozarks of Arkansas. December of 15' , it rained 18" in south Missouri & north Arkansas , took out my standing hot water heater in my basement. Didn't want to spend 600.00 on another one so I decided to " take a chance ". For 200.00 , I'll try anything once ! took about an hour to build a frame & plumb it in. we use two " C " batteries to fire it up since we have little electricity . Works Great ! I even let it freeze and bust the next winter , brazed it up , still works Great ! Plenty of Hot water ALL the time !

Marey GA10NG 3.1 GPM Tankless Water Heater

Works great. Had to play around with adjusting the hot water because it is really hot!!. Easy to install. Love the instant hot water.


Marey GA5NG 2.0 GPM Tankless Water Heater Open Box

Generac 8000e doesn't work

Opened the box, started the generator and it doesn't work. I live over 400 miles to the nearest authorized repair center so either I spend another fortune getting it there for repair or am just out $1000. Will never ever purchase refurbished again. Generac tells me this is a common issue with this model. Don't waste your money.

Simpson Power Washer

The customer service is next to none. Thanks for the great experience.


Champion C90016 Large Generator Cover


Generac IQ2000 Ultra Quiet Inverter Generator Manufacturer RFB

Very good Generator

I removed the packing from the generator, put the oil in, filled the gas tank, and hit the starter button. Only had to momentarily choke the carb and it started right up. This is a very smooth running generator and is surprisingly not as loud as I expected. I have heard smaller generators that were much louder.
Although this was factory RFB generator, I didn't feel at all concerned because of the Generac reputation.

Champion inverter

Excellent product would recommend it to a friend works great from day one runs the travel trailer 12500 BTU air conditioner and microwave and lights all at the same time


We are very satisfied with our purchase. When the electrician installed the connection he commented on what a good generator it is. Our dealings with your company was excellent. I have told many friends about our experience and that we suggest they purchase one also if needed. J. W.

Arrived in poor condition

First it was not delivered to my home as promised. I had to drive 2 hours to pick it up. Next the carb leaked gas profusely and I had to pay for the repair.

Super Quiet!

Great generator. Using it for the halftime show for the high school band. Runs super quiet and great on gas! Easy to roll around using the big integrated handle.


Started the generator for the first time. Easy to start and runs good. Will know more after the winter if thecpower goes out.

Replacement Dehumidifier

I bought this because the same Hisense Dehumidier before started to leak water when the bowl was only half full. Hopefully this one will last longer than the two years I had the previous one.


After purchasing this generator online with free shipping advertised, I was contacted by a representative named Eugene, who said I had to pay to have it shipped to my home or go pick it up at the local FedEx freight center (35 - 45 minute drive). This irked me, but I obliged to go pick it up at FedEx. It took a total of 2 hours to pick up. When I got home and unpacked the generator, it was clearly well used and no attempt to refurbish it had been made. The generator is covered in oil and battery acid, has several cut wires, brackets broken off and bent and in overall crappy condition. I'm one very pissed off customer, but doubt there will be any recourse with a company that lies about its deliver in the first place. BUYER BEWARE WHEN ORDERING FROM FACTORY PURE!!!! - BH

Champion 100155 7000W/9000W Dual Fuel Generator Manufacturer RFB

The unit arrived as scheduled, looked absolutely flawless and had zero hours of run time. I have not ran the unit on gas however, the unit performs as expected on propane. The unit is quieter than I expected but then again I’m use to my old generator with a Briggs and Stratton engine. It arrived with the advertised accessories minus the funnel. It did not have the rubber strap that holds the battery in place. I emailed Factory Pure about this and their response was we will ship one out to you ASAP - the strap has arrived and fit perfectly. I would absolutely recommend Factory Pure!!
More than happy with my RFB Dual fuel generator

Beware When Purcahsing Generators here...

The site makes it sound like they can be returned, but in reality they cannot. My Generac IQ2000 could not be and when you call Generac for warranty support, they referred me to a local lawnmower repair shop for warranty support... we’ll see how that goes.

Out of the box it has a rattle and runs rough idle/ miss... it works, but not like others I’ve seen in videos or like a Honda.


The ONLY thing I found wrong was that the funnel for the oil was missing but the generator was topped off with clearly new oil. I've only tried running propane in it and it started up with no problems. Finally let me say it looks brand new and when I looked at the hour meter at start up, it read "0 hours." I'm more than happy. Thank-you very much!

I wish it started!!

I purchased it with a plan to use it for a future project. When I was ready to use it, I filled it with oil and fuel. I tried to start it and got nothing. It feels like there is no compression in the engine at all. Now, six months later, I dont know what to do about returning it or getting money back. One expensive boat anchor!!!

Good Deal

A little scratched up but seems to be ok. Runs great so far.

Florida buyer

Easy to assemble. Easy operation. Started and operated using both fuels. Looked like new only 12 hours

Ken S

I have not used my Champion generator yet but it looks good. I'm excited about using it.

Said clean condition in description

Looked like it came right off the job site. Air filter was loaded with saw dust and oil. I had a handful of dirt after wiping my hand accross it. There was also dirt all over it. I expected a used product, but thought they would at least change the air filter. Other than that, it fired right up and runs great. I changed the oil before running it because God knows if it was ever changed after the break in.

The Right Generator

Ordered generator. When I received it it looked like Fedex played forklift field hockey with it. I contacted Factory Pure sent pictures of the box and generator. I received a return label immediately. I shipped it back before they even got it back, they had a new one at my house. It was handled very professionally on the part of Factory Pure. Of course the new Champion generator operates perfectly. Starts easy, runs smooth, is actually not as loud as expected and is built very solid. I would definitely refer them to friends and family.
Ellaville, Ga.

Delivered as promised

Delivered as promised. Thank you! Works great.

Generac review

Started great. Delivery was fast, quality was great did what they said it would do .

11 kw Generator

I would give 5 star rating had I have received it sooner. Website said fast shipping. Was almost 2 weeks just to ship(not fast). Every thing else was as advertised no problem to install and worked as expected. Yes a hurricane was approaching which caused the delay.

ALH4240 and Factorypure = 110% satisfaction

First off this power washer is well worth the money. I debated on the PS4240 to save a few hundred dollars. After reading countless reviews and searching the web for a week I finally decided that the aluminum frame and cat pump would be worth the extra money. I'm very glad I decided not to skimp. Not to say the PS4240 is not a good washer, I mean it has the same Honda GX390 reliable engine, but the pump is slacking. I've read countless reviews of others having premature pump failures with the PS model. The ALH4240 is very well built and easy to assemble. The aluminum will be a true benefit in the years to come not having to worry about rust. You can't go wrong with a honda engine and cat pump! Now for factorypure. I'm so impressed with their companies customer service and communication. After ordering I had a phone call from them within the hour verifying my shipping address. The washer was shipped out that very day! From Texas and headed to Missouri I had my new washer in only 3 days on a freight truck. That's some fast shipping on a item that has to be shipped on a freight line truck! Factorypure you can tell is a small company and along with that you get that hometown friendly and helpful customer service and from an American you can understand on the phone. After weeks of searching they had the best price by far on the power washer. I'm very pleased not only with the ALH4240 washer, but with factorypure as well. Give them a try, I promise you will not be disappointed. Thanks again guys!

Damaged in shipping

Unit was damaged in shipping. Still no word from Generac about replacing damaged parts.

Generac GP8000e

Good generator, everything was as it said it would be. The generator was a refurb but only had .5 hours on it. Basically brand new.


Generac GP8000E 8000W/10000W Generator Manufacturer RFB


Generac 6921 2500 PSI 2.4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Manufacturer RFB


Awesome! Easy to operate and very convenient the dual option.

Like new as promised

Very amazed to receive our Refurbished Generac XP10000E generator and not a single indication that it's been used beyond testing at the factory. It's beautiful, portable, and we see no need to spend more money on a hard-wired generator when this unit is more than capable to do the job, and we can take it with us. Love it!

Damaged product, poor customer service

I ordered my generator refurbished. It was advertised to have low usage and to appear to be in good condition. It arrived with a bent frame which is where the wheels attach. Now it wobbles when you try to move it. I sent an email to factory pure and called twice. No one has yet to reply to me. I also tried reaching out to the warranty department. At least they replied in a timely manner; however, they don't cover that type of damage. I feel ripped off and there's nothing I can do about it.

Best ever pressure washer

Purchased this about a month ago. Easy setup nice running machine. Follow directions and there’s no problem. I also installed an hourmeter to keep up with maintenance. Great machine for the money

burns oil like crazy

unpacked this product and got it running on LP to run it for the 5 hour break in period after about 30 min of blowing heavy white smoke it shut down and would not restart checked the oil and it was way down contacted the service department and and was told to keep running it to meet the 5 hour break in still burns oil and was told to take it to the local service shop come to find out warranty wont cover the excessive piston to sleeve slop due to it being past the 90 day warranty this product was never right and was not tested

Whyter 65

Works fine other then a few dents

It works fine, but...

It works fine, but it arrived in a shipping box with no manufactruer box inside, just the water heater. One of the dials has come lose and I had to screw it back on. There was no manual. There was no power cord, but it may not have come with one ( I couldn’t tell you since I didn’t get a box or a manual). There was water inside the unit. I think someone must have gotten it before me and then returned it and factory pure didn’t notice- that or the falsely sold me a used unit. I went ahead and installed it, though, because I had already opened up my water line and removed the old unit. If anyone from factory pure is reading this, I’ll forgive you for a fifty dollar partial refund- that’s about what I’d have expected to save by buying used.

Generac pressure washer

The directions were easy to follow. Cranked up right away. Works great! I love it.

no reply to email

I ordered my power washer and sent an email and didn't have an answer to my complaint of the broken handle (Wasn't packaged properly). I'm dealing with the
broken handle because when it doesnt start right it doesnt end right.

Great find

best tool we brought in a long time. Works very well.



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