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Don't say it's wireless when it has to be wired

We wanted a system that is completely wireless, don't describe it as wireless when it needs to be wired


These walker are by far the best purchase. We traveled with my parent to Hawaii and these were a blessing to have. The ease of folding the up in restaurants was a plus. They are well worth the money!

Factory Tech requires

Only a factory authorized service technician is now allowed to change settings in the control board other than exercise time. The generator is listed as starting within six seconds on their website and yet it comes in whereby it will not start the engine for 35 seconds and it will not transfer for 45 seconds this is designed specifically to keep non-factory authorized service technicians from installing the generators. I called Generac and they said in order to change it to the six seconds I have to have the factory technician install it or they will charge the same amount of money to come out and change the setting. It will function fine but not start for 30 seconds. I have to make that clear to my customers. I will no longer push the Generac to my customers. I will push the Cummings, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, and above all else I will push the Cummings generator . After all the Cummings is a consumer reports best buy and consumer reports most reliable.--
As to Factorypure.com
They shipped quickly, and it arrived on time at a reasonable price. The freight company driver was helpful and friendly.
The people at factorypure answered the phone calls and my questions.
May God bless you and yours.

Generac 70432 Guardian 22kW Standby Generator WiFi w/ 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch New

Sun-Mar Excel-NE Non Electric Self Contained Composting Waterless High Capacity Toilet White New


Durostar DS12000EH 9500W/12000W Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator New

Have not used the generator as yet.
Derrill Adair

Best generator dealer

We had a Great experience with purchase and delivery of my Briggs and Stratton 26 kw generated . Got it hooked up and it runs like a dream . It transitioned so fast the lights didn’t even blink. Great product!

Disaster. Buyer beware

I tried to cancel the order. Then they shipped it anyway. Then I have to pay to send it back and pay 15 percent restock fee on an unopened box—scammers.

Great cart.

Order arrived in 3 days.
Easy to put together.
Took it to the beach a week later.
I’ve pulled a very expensive narrow wheeled cart up and down the beach on our trips for a few years now, breaking a sweat before I even got set up. This thing can literally be pulled with one finger over sand loaded with cooler, four chairs, three umbrellas, two boogie boards, 2 shovels, a bucket, towels, beach blankets, and whatever else the wife and kids wanted.
I use it purely as beach cart but the fishing rod holders do a good job of holding a couple of umbrellas on opposite ends on a day with light wind. (They could be easily modified if one was so inclined to go all the way down to the sand)
To me it was worth the money as the family pack mule.
Can’t wait for the next trip.

Great thing’s

Work great awesome it would b a great thing with disconnects on both end

Great gen. Runs great right out of box.

Great service from service tech. No problem putting wheels on. Was delivered within 10 days.


The seat was broken (I sent pictures) This item was bought for my father and after seeing it we don’t feel comfortable with him using it even with a fixed seat. We have yet to hear from the manufacturer or get the number we need to return the item.

Nice carrier

As advertised nice quality

Quality appearance

Appears to be extremely well made. Shipped quickly and damage free. Easy to assemble. Waiting now on an electrician to wire a perminate connection. Starts and runs perfectly. Hopefully I will never have to use it but I feel very safe that it will keep my home powered up in case of a bad hurricane that destroys our electric power.

We'll see

I ordered this board for my son.I wanted to get him this Halo board because of its great ratings. I tried to buy him a new one on sale, but they were out of stock. I found this refurbished one. They are supposed to be like new, with maybe some minor scratches. My son was ecstatic. He loved it. It worked for about 3 days, and then wouldn't come on. I haven't even started paying for it yet. I'm extremely disappointed.

I don’t know becouse I have not got it yet

Powering the house

I wanted a General generator to power my house. Checked different places for prices. FactoryPure had the best price and reviews. Delivery was about a week. I’m very happy

Powered Pool Skimmer

We love this Powered Pool Skimmer, it catches almost all the leaves off the bushes or trees before it has a chance to sink to the bottom of the pool. Only change that they should make is to add a set of wheels on the back corners like the ones on the front to stop the skimmer's back end from getting marred from the walls as it turns in the pool. that being said I would recommend this skimmer to anyone.


Excellent customer service very friendly and professional

Great machine Misleading information

The machine works like a beast however the website misled me by saying the item was in stock I ended up waiting an extra week and lost out on alot of business



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