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Great invention XT8000EFI Generator!

I used to work for Generac 26yrs ago. I have owned nothing but there portable generators through all these years. I decided to replace my 16yr old Generac 5500XL with a new higher capacity (more wattage) generator, because of moving into a house that had higher electrical requirements. The Generac XT 8000 EFI was my choice because of the fuel injection (no more worrying about gas going bad & gelling up the carburetor) & the electric start. This generator runs my whole house - wired in to the electric panel with a generator interlock installed. This will even run my 5 ton Air Conditioner (with a Compressor Saver 5-2-1 hard start kit installed) if I turn off my water heater. I also bought one for a retired single woman customer of mine because of the ease of use & starting.

Stove rating 10 instruction manual about 1

Installed stove no problem but the instruction book might have been put together by a grade schooler, so went to YouTube and even though that helped my stove wasn't the one in the video? Figured it out enough to run it on manual and was impressed with the stove itself. Again went back to manual and there is zero illustration of the HP50 showing all the parts and there function or part #'s etc. Prime example was I'm assuming that's a damper on the front door of the stove but again not in the book or how it is to be used??? We were in a spot where we didn't have a signal so it was kind of a cluster to figure things out. I just hope this isn't shadgetting answer on the programming of the HP50? Not impressed with instruction in Michigan. 11/19/19

Generac XT8000E

What we wanted,Great machine and most awesome customer service.


The unit was not delivered on time was approximately a week late. The GFI breakers on the 120 outlets would not reset after tripping but was able to use the 240 30 amp to loop in the 120 unit was able to run the required functions in my house.

Happy so far!

After considerable research, ordered, received, added oil and gas, and fired it up. Is very quiet in ECO mode, Seems louder when really put under a load than I expected. I'll deal with this...
Ran a 1500 watt electric heater no issue. Bought it mainly for my 30' Travel trailer to try to run the A/C. After some time was spent warming the generator up and breaking it in applying loads over a couple days, It actually started the trailer A/C it, while the inverter was still powered up = starting load, continuing with 1300 watts running, along with the 300 watts the inverter pulls. It did it with little complaint! I did add a "Micro-Air" soft-start to the A/C to ease the starting load on the generator (as well as utility power) and the 2500 gen ran like a champ.
For me, the 1,000 hour warranty is not an issue. I do LOVE the LED panel showing amps, hours, fuel left etc.
If Honda added a couple features, I would have reached for it, due to being quieter under load.

Dewalt DXGNR5700 5700W/7125W Auto Idle Gas CARB Generator New


To whom it may concern I purchased the Generac xt8000 watt EFI over a month. I had no idea it was going to take 3 weeks to get it shipped at one point it was only 10 minutes from my house but then they sent it out to Sacramento then to Manteca and then back to my house. Then once I put it together just the wheels and a handle no big deal. I realize they did not send me any keys so I called them on a Saturday I told him that overnight them to me after this some negotiation they said they would express shipping a week later I still haven't got them. They think now maybe Monday which would be 9 days :-( I must say it is a pretty generator but I haven't been able to hear it even run yet I'm concerned I hope everything goes okay once I get the keys and I'm about three days away from PG&E shut my power off again.


The transfer switch that I needed arrived sooner than expected. The customer service representative was very helpful in locating it even though other sources said that the factory was behind 4-6 weeks.

Great so far

The guys that install it said it was a great it just got installed. So far so good.

When we received the stove, on the one side, it must have been broken at the factory because the magnet was splattered into many pieces...that holds the door closed. The little bracket was punched in. It didn't make the running of the stove not work, but it would make the door more sturdy if it was not shattered.

It works great and is much quieter than was expected.

I did not receive it in time. But that had nothing to do with FactoryPure.. the delivery company distribution center was in the fire evacuation zone. Just bad timing and some missed opportunities in this emergency.

Generac 16KW Generator

The entire process was simple and went perfectly! The price was great, ordering was simple, they confirmed my order. One week later I was notified by a freight company the generator was in route. A brand new generator was delivered undamaged. I am in the process of getting my gas meter up-sized before installation. What more can you ask for!

Perfect Generator

This unit is perfect, quiet, light for size, remote works great and runs a long time.

Good Job


Everthing was great.

Easy to order, deilivery was on time, product received as promised.

Will work together soon.

Christopher Piazza

Everything was good perfect time and great generator and good sales people


I can’t give a review due to the fact I need a replacement because the one received was damaged in freight

Onan p4500i invertergenerator

This is an excellent machine, thanks onan

Just what one expects when you order something.....

Came as expected...We just got it installed....We are ready for the storms......Hopefully Would recommend...


Generator arrived in perfect condition, can’t say the same for the battery. Only trouble now is finding someone qualified to install it. Other wise, very happy with your company

very pleased with my new generac power washer. easy to use, easy to setup.
i have had a generac generator for about 8 years now. starts real easy when i
need it. that is what made me stay with the generac brand. and the best price
i found was from factorypure. also there people were able to answer all my
questions. thank you factorypure. cary



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