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Landworks quality control is terrible. I received a bag of nuts and bolts that included odd nuts and bolts I didn’t need and excluded the flange nuts required to mount the wheels to the axel. Other parts were included but unusable. The battery compartment is mounted backwards so the lid cannot open and close. The instructions are terrible, written by someone who doesn’t know English and the pictures are not helpful. These issues could be easily addressed if the company simply took the time to care. I’m hoping the machine does what it claims.

Power, at last

Great product. Easy to follow instructions, although there is very little to assemble upon delivery. The unit is heavy but rather easy to move about for a 72yo fellow due to the handle and large diameter wheels. Starts right out of the shipping crate by just pushing the 'start' button, both on the unit as well as the remote, as the battery comes charged. Only downside so far (only one camping trip) is that it is rather noisy, even for someone whose hearing isn't the best. Overall, a great purchase, so far

Not sure yet

On-time delivery.
Easy installation.
I should have blown out the water coils to eliminate air pockets and debris. My bad.
Works well but having trouble adjusting and/or mixing the water temp for showers but it's only been three days since installation and we hope to figure it out.

First time with a pellet stove

I'm a heating and AC journeyman installed hundreds of stoves and heaters the Comfort belt we have started right up easy to vent heated instantly Works fantastic no problems at all

HP-40-Alpine pellet stove

Our order was processed very fast. Shipped by a reputable company,that delivered with no problem. Installed easy and works fabulous. The stove does everything that they promised. We are very happy and would recommend Factory Pure for your needs.


I love these guys. They always have the right product quickly. Thank you team Factory Pure .



The best ever!

Recently had a dislocated hip, as it is healing it hurts to walk longer distances, but with my scooter I am no pain when I get to my destination! I highly recommend this scooter !

Pressure washer

Would be nice if it had a way to drain the coil for the winter otherwise it’s a great machine

Very pleased and impressed

I bought this generator about a month ago. The setup was very easy and it came with both propane and natural gas hoses. Has a remote starter and several other accessories I did not expect. (this was a pleasant surprise)!

The generator came broken in and once I added a quart of oil to it, I started it up and it purred like a kitten. Tested it with several loads and it works great! This unit is a beast! In a good way! I have other generators that are not of this caliber....this one supersedes them all.

I recommend a magnetic oil dipstick for it though. I bought it from Amazon. 20mm, 2.5mm pitch.

Overall, two thumbs up!

Thank you.

So far I like it....

This unit has a nice feature allowing you to dial back the pressure for house, screen, auto etc applications. It worked well right out of the box, and I had no issues with the exception of a partially stripped screw in the handle assembling. Plastic water line female connection looks like it may be a weak feature to this unit, so I may attach a 3 foot hose and anchor it so the units water connect doesn't get a lot of wear. I haven't try the soaper yet.

Good Generator for the Price

Bought this as a much more affordable cost effective alternative to an inverter generator wired to a 30 amp whole house transfer switch. Provides clean power with a low THD value that none of my electronics or battery backup devices seem to have an issue with. This unit has enough running and surge watts to be able to start up my heat pumps or even my clothes dryer if I want to do laundry. Don't have any issues living normally during an outage.

Only problem I had was the included lead acid traditional battery was defective out of the box (seems this is a common theme from Generac) unit would start with the pull cord but would not with the electric start. Factory Pure helped me with Generac to get a warrantied replacement battery which in my case was an AGM battery. Have not had any issues starting or running this generator ever since - fires right up!


great fast service

Seagull Pro/ Pro Lite?

I ordered a Seagull pro and receipts Seagull Pro Lite. Not sure what the difference is and can’t seem to find out on the internet.
Ran the Seagull Pro Lite 3 times with no issues. It actually did a good job.
The 4th time it only ran about 40 minutes and then I got the flashing red light.
Charged it up and put it back in the pool and it tried to run but after 2 to 3 minutes it gave me the error code of flashing red lights.
Called customer service and the were very responsive. Sent me a return label immediately and received my new Seagull Pro in about 4 days. Ran it once and no issues so far.

Generac GP8000E 8000W/10000W Generator Manufacturer RFB

Helpful Folks

Perfect fit for what we needed.

High Quality

The overall quality exceeded expectations. Customer service was prompt and provided easy to follow instructions. The installation process was quick and precise. I highly recommend this product for its quality and ease of installation.

Duromax tri fuel generator

Works well, nice and sturdy, large wheels and handles for moving.

Seem to work very well, fan is louder than I like but I guess we will get used to it.seem to burn clean. Our house is very easy to heat so we can run it on low and be comfortable.

I was pleased with the help I received in pinpointing what I needed to order and the prompt delivery once that was established. As a matter of note, my order was for (4) filters. This is for a Pelican water filter system. Pelican's advice before they closed, and the configuration of the equipment calls for (2) O-rings to be replaced each time you change a filter....recommended every 3 months. I was told that the kit only came with (4) O-rings instead of the (8) I was used to receiving in the past. Also in the past four small packets of silicone grease used to come with a set of (4) filters. I was told that the grease was not available. Lo and behold! When the package arrived, there were (8) O-rings, and (4) packets of grease. Thank you. Hopefully this will be repeated in the future.

Generac GP3000i Gas Generator

Easy purchase and shipped quickly. Filled with oil and gas and it started on the first pull!!! I was surprised how quiet and easy to operate it is. A little on the heavy side but it's not like I'm going to take it backpacking. Will mainly use it to recharge the batteries, run the AC and microwave for travel trailer on boondocking trips. Also around my property where I can't reach with an extension cord.