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First Factory Pure

Quickly shipped and good follow up from Factory Pure. I give them an A plus for service and price .I prepped the generator and started it on propane, work as advertized. I will review the generator at a later date after putting it through it's paces.

Simpson machine

Is a good machine I used 2 times. So far

Bad service

Generator leaked gas as soon as I put the gas in.


Generac GP5500 5500W/6875W Generator Manufacturer RFB

Simpson pressure washer

Works like brand new, great price, highly recommend this company


Marey ECO270 6.5 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater Open Box

Simpson PS60843

Great Unit! An Amazing Value! Very Powerful, Starts 1 or 2 Pulls (As Long As You Hold The Trigger On Gun Open While Starting), Runs Fairly Quiet. Comes With Really Good 50' Hose.

Note: Did'nt ship for over a week. Factory Pure not so good with customer service. I inquired after a few days why it hadn't shipped, they said something about Simpson doing a surprise inventory. Would have been nice to know, as I thought it would ship same day. Good price though. Very happy with the pressure washer.


Earthquake Badger 4 Cycle Kohler Engine Front Tine Rototiller New

Run's Great.

People have told us that it is one of the best generator's that you can buy. We haven't hooked it up to the house yet, but I'm sure it will work fine.

Outstanding transaction!

I recently ordered a Generac Guardian generator from Factory pure. The transaction was flawless, delivery was fast and followup communication was excellent. I did a lot of research before i purchased and factory pure beat out all on line competitors.

Great stove

We love the stove so far. We have a 1,380 square foot home and this stove keeps it plenty warm on the lowest heat setting. Almost wish it went lower then 61’ as the House gets up to 77’ on that setting. We heat up the house and then shut the stove off for the rest of the day. The only bad thing I will say is when we reviewed the stove it had been dropped and was damaged on the back and on the front handle, thankfully the glass didn’t break. Also the free same day or second day shipping isn’t true as they “missed” sending our stove out for two days and had to wait until the following Monday to ship it.

Champion 100155 7000W/9000W Dual Fuel Generator Manufacturer RFB

The generator looks well used and the hour meter says zero, The stop switch doesnt work, need to shut off fuel and wait. But it does make power.

Purchase generators

Fast and accurate with their delivery


Fast delivery, product functions as expected.


This is my second dehumidifier. Like that it's quiet able to read numbers clearly. Would highly recommend Aeonair to anyone

Water Heater

The tankless water heater I purchased looked very cheep in construction. It did work.... umm, it's ok.

England's Summers Heat 55-SHP22

Prompt Shipping, no damage. Only came with the chrome handle, but that's what I planned using anyway. Works great so far. Very happy.

The best inverter ever!

In my case one single gallon of gas and 1 large refrigerator, 6 fans, about 10 lights and 3 tv all at the same time, and still run quietly, and last between 9-10 hours. And i am using it every day. Im in Puerto Rico right now, highly recommended.

bad stove

stove does not perform well and does not do what the book is saying

Marey tankless water heater

Very simple compare with my 3yr old Rheem tankless with electronic board control now stop working, Marey work with battery doesn't depend on 110v ,in case of storm no power I still have hot water, need to play with control valves, manual doesn't help much ,overall good system no stupid electronic control

First experience with Generac and Factory Pure

Purchasing process was easy but shipping was complicated don't know if was wrongfully packing by Factory Pure or carelessness handling from FeDex. I haven't turn on my Generator yet since shipping issues delay sending it to my house in Puerto Rico through CROWLEY.


Marey ECO180 5.0 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater Open Box (free upgrade to new unit)


Been trying to return .they won't send a box

Back ordered but still happy

Our 18" Sunpentown portable dishwasher with the stainless finish was not in stock when we ordered it. Factory Pure was apologetic and were willing to cancel the order. We decided to wait. The projected ship date of the last week in October was accurate. We had plenty of time to be home when the unit arrived as Factory Pure was in constant e-mail contact with us. The only very small complaint I would have was the unit had a slight dent on the lower bottom of the door--not real noticeable and not worth waiting for a replacement. As far as performance, the SPT is much better than full-sized 24" unit it replaced and much quieter. I would recommend to a friend.

Buyer beware

This unit needs special venting when installed in locations that have a "hard" winter - long periods of temps below freezing. This info is included in fine print of owners manual. I live in MI so this unit is useless to me. The additional venting would cost around $150 according to my plumber.

Finally enough power

The generator arrived very fast and in excellent condition. It was straight forward to put together. We were able to run all the appliances at the same time in our toy hauler. Love it.


Marey ECO110 3.0 GPM Tankless Water Heater Open Box


Marey ECO180 5.0 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater Open Box (free upgrade to new unit)

Absolute best investment ever

I purchased this stove with the hopes of heating my 1100 sq ft area, and boy it does! There is no other source of heat just the stove and I'm really impressed on the output of heat. I tried the box store brand pellets called stove chow, highly recommend you do not use them they caused a lot of door in the stove, I then decided to go with pellets named Dry Creek and these bien hotter and cleaner. I even feel the heat travel to the bedroom, and I live in Upstate, N.Y. where temperatures reach below freezing quite a bit, I've had the stove for two months and we've reached 10 degrees and I was comfortable. You do have to clean theeindow regularly but hey for the price I don't mind it. All hands down the Castle Serenity is a very good buy. Hope this was helpful


Champion 41532 7000W/9000W Remote Start Generator Manufacturer RFB


Champion 100263 3100W/3400W Inverter Duel Fuel Electric Start Generator

Perfect for my TT

Perfect for my Travel Trailer. Runs 13500 BTU AC smoothly on ECO mode with out problems. Cant wait to use it for Dry camping.

Pleased with product

The buying process and the communications were very good. The item itself is just as expected and we are very happy with the purchase.

Excellent for the price

Great value

Good deal

Well built, came in like new / working condition, runs well, relatively clean / stable voltage output, price was right, and runs most of the house. A little loud but no complaints. I saved a lot of $ on shipping and buying refurbished. The unit had about 20 hrs on it.


I don’t believe this generator was ever used. Not a mark on it and zero hours. Started on first crank and is running great. Awesome deal!

Great generator

Runs smoothly. Highly recommended

I love this Champion 100158 2800W/3100W Portable Inverter Generator!!

I was initially hesitant to consider a refurbished but it is refurbished from the manufacturer and also comes with a warranty. I could not be more pleased with this Inverter Generator!! The only way to even tell it was not "brand new" is when I went to put gas in the tank I could smell that there had been gas already in the tank at some point but other than that exterior looked brand new and could not tell it had been refurbished.

I went through the manual to make sure there was not something different I wasn't aware of (there wasn't) so put oil in, put in about a half a tank of gas, turned the fuel on, choke out, turned switch on, and one pull later was running just fine!! Been running it periodically over the last two weeks since I received at various levels of output and have about 3.5 hours running so far.

So last weekend was the "test". Hooked to my Jayco Travel Trailer with a 13,500 btu air conditioner and turned the fan on low. Generator did not skip a beat and did not even have to increase the idle. Then turned to high fan and still no difference. Turned then to "cool" and heard the generator idle up a little to turn on the compressor then shortly thereafter idle back down then ran the air conditioner for about the next 30 minutes. I even turned on the refrigerator on the trailer and the Champion did not even have to idle up.

This generator is a powerhouse and exactly what I needed!! Relatively small, easy to handle and maneuver, and quiet!! Of course you still hear it but not nearly as loud as my previous "regular" generator. A person can have a conversation standing right next to the generator. I told a friend it is maybe the same or slightly louder than, say, the exterior air conditioning condenser in a typical house. Stand right next to it you can hear it but still can have a conversation. Get 40 or 50 feet away sounds more like a "hum".

And do not let the "refurbished" part scare you. I am very satisfied with the purchase!!

As advertised & Just in time for Maine storm

Purchased a refurbished Generac GP8000e to replace a 15 year old Generac that was on its last legs. I don't usually buy refurbished items, can't always trust condition description, and a generator is a critical item in Maine.
It arrived crated at FeDEx freight terminal on a Friday and FedEx workers placed it on my trailer. Once home I cut off the box , everything was there, it looked good, had a few nicks on soft parts, but looked good. It had 32.5 run time hours on it. I attached wheels, handle and filled with oil and gas and it started on first push of electric start.

That Monday a massive storm hit Maine, the poet went out statewide. I rolled the Generac out. Shut off the house main disconnect started the Generac and used my old twist lock power cord to plug into my house transfer switch. The unit ran flawlessly for 30 hours straight. Saved all our freezer food, refrigerator and we had power lights coffee , microwave, heat and hot water and Free TV (with our digital free antenna). Factory Pure accurately described the reburbished generator, answered the telephone when I called for info and delivered it when they said.

Great experience. Saved several hundred $$$ over the big box stores, and bought a reasonably priced extended warranty. (Hopefully I won't need it). Ready for winter blizzards, ice storms and gales.

Fulfill its purpose and very happy customer!!!

I bought this inverter generator to be sent to our family in Puerto Rico. They started using it around 3 days ago and they are extremely happy because it's quiet comparing the normal generator and they don't spent to much filling the tank. Happy customer and hopefully coming back soon to get one for me.


Champion 73536i 1700W/2000W Portable Inverter Generator

Satisfied Customer

The factory refurbished Champion 100158 2800W/3100W Portable Inverter Generator was delivered on time and performs as represented. It had a few minor blemishes on the surface that did not affect the performance. I am very satisfied with the purchase.

power washer

I purchased a Simpson power washer with a Honda engine - and I am very pleased with your product . It works great - for doing small jobs around my house . I have told many friends about your company - thank you !!

Generator purchase

It was a great experience buying a generator after hurricane Maria. I live in Puerto Rico and was desperate to buy a generator since my mother suffers from Alzheimer's. Thank you for your help and great customer service. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Don't trust this company

I buy one of the IQ 2000 generac and the unit wasn't working good , I got on Friday and I tried to used next day and I couldn't... I call them on Monday to fix the problem and they give me a number to call and I couldn't fix the unit ,,,I call them back to do a return and they toll me that they don't do return and try to speak with a supervisor but never answer the phone BE A WAY FROM THIS COMPANY


Bought our 8000w unit after hurricane Irma because our old 4000w unit finally had given up after many years of service. The new one came from your location quicker than expected. Motor freight was great, the driver unloaded the unit and rolled it into our garage. After un boxing and installing the wheels and oil, the unit fired up and ran perfect. Very happy couldn't be better. THANK YOU.


ordered a 1500w generator to send to my dad in puerto rico. the price was reasonable ,got it in 2 days and there was no shipping charge. did every thing over the phone. the customer service was amazing. highly recommend



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