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Haven;t lost power since I bought it but...

The machine came quickly and was fairly easy to set up. It started right away on the first (electronic) crank, seems to run well.


FactoryPure was very helpful answering any questions l had.There shipping was great, Have not run generator yet It came with all the tools needed to install wheels & handles,Looks vary well built. Keep in mind that it doesn't come with oil ....I would have no problem with doing business with this company again


The stove we purchased from Lowes for 659.00. 2nd winter and getting worse, anyone want this stove, it goes. This England's smart stove is a smokey, messy, overheating, cannot control the heat, burns only around than 6 hours burning time. The saddest thing is that it has burned twice as much wood as our previous stove did. My husband is retired, and the wood is almost gone, and we cannot get any so will be using electric heaters to finish our winter months. Do not waste your money, bet we die of COPD from the smoke and black dust that covers everything in the house.


Received my generator quickly. Filled it with oil and gas , connected the battery , and it fired right up. The hardest thing to do was connected the battery because it was in a tight spot for my big fingers. I was very impressed with the build and how quiet it is while running. Haven't had to use it yet , but I can't foresee having any issues with it. Very happy so far!!!

Super Handy GUO077 Portable 20 Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter New

Mobility on a cruise ship.

We recently completed a seven-day cruise in Carribean. My GUT142 was a god send for moving around the ship. i was able to go everywhere, even the dining rooms. It was easy to maneuver and navigate everywhere. Its light weight and size made it easy to get in and out of the cabin. Getting on and offf the ship was a breeze. We are looking forward to taking a flight and having the airlines stow it so it can be accessible at the gate. It is easy to fold and carry.

the generator is nice

Once the generator was ordered , I had to deal with the shipping company to receive delivery that was a week later than was shown on the receipt, I took off work 2 times. . I think If something is ordered from a company everything should go through them.

Great price

After shopping around, we found that Factorypure had the best price on our transfer switch


Generac GP17500E 17500W/26250W Gas Generator Electric Start New

Great price, good delivery time, have not needed it to use it yet, thank God!

I recieved my generator on time put it together and started right up.

It was delivered right into my garage. Once I got it set up I ran it for 5 hours on propane. Ran just great. Very happy!

Kohler 17/18/20 kW Maintenance Generator Kit New


Spent more time in the shop than at my house. I got maybe three uses with everything functioning correctly then it quit building up pressure, the soap pick up quit working, and finally the electric start quit working. Finally after the forth shop visit and it quit building pressure again and the electric start went out again, I threw it in the dumpster.

Tankless Water Heater

Just what I wanted in the tiem frame I needed.

DuroStar DS4000WGE 3500W/4000W 210 Amp Electric Start Welding Generator New

Champion 200991 3500W/4500W Inverter Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator

This is a fantastic generator and just what we required for our RV. The duel fuel option is perfect. I personally use the propane option; no gasoline smell; no spills. Followed the initial instructions regarding start-up and the Champion works like a champ!(ion). Very quiet, even with a load applied. Our house power went out the other day and I used the generator to power the coffee maker and microwave. A local generator repair shop owner advised me to buy this generator over the Costco Firman, as parts for the Champion are readily available (if needed) and the Firman parts are not. The choice was easy for me and it was the correct choice. I am excited to use this generator while dry camping!

37 log splitter is a beast

5 stars to factory pure. The 37 ton log splitter is well made and a beast of a machine. John

DuroMax / DuroStar DS13000EH 10500W/13000W Electric Start Dual Fuel Generator New (Red Version of XP13000EH)

DuroMax / DuroStar DS13000EH 10500W/13000W Electric Start Dual Fuel Generator New (Red Version of XP13000EH)

Generac 7132 Electric Start Power Washer

I wish it had more psi other than that I love the electric start

DuroMax XP12000EH 9500W/12000W Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator New