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The Dangers of Dust and Mold

Dust and mold allergies are some of the most debilitating allergies to have, since they occur all year round.  Furthermore, these allergens are often hidden under furniture or in deep crevices, making them difficult to eliminate; many people don’t realize how much mold is growing in their home, since it usually develops in places we cannot see.  Possibly more disturbing is that dust actually fuels the growth of mold, since it provides nutrients for the spores (dust generally consists of various fibers plus organic material such as hair, human skin flakes, and cockroach exoskeletons).  Dust and mold spores can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and even cause serious lung problems.

Top Dust and Mold Air Purifiers

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Airfree Onix 3000 Austin Air Allergy Machine
Amaircare Whisper 350
Surround Air XJ-3000D
Airfree Onix 3000 Austin Air Healthmate Plus  Amaircare Airwash 350 Surround Air XJ-3000D 
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Airfree uses their patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS) to effectively remove dust, mold, and other microorganisms. This process uses heat to incinerate dust and mold particles. Cool air is then blown back into the room. The Onix 3000 is a silent air purifier, perfect for running unnoticed in the background. The TSS technology does not use filters.  The Onix 3000 will destroy fungi and toxins that have been released by dust mites. The Austin Air Allergy Machine uses special filtration designed for the efficient removal of allergens, such as dust and mold. It is great for those living near a concentrated area of plants or trees, as they increase airborne allergens. The Allergy Machine includes a 360-degree intake, as well as both a HEGA Carbon cloth and HEPA filter. The Noise level is rather high when on max output, but it works perfectly in the background when on its low setting. The Amaircare Whisper 350 uses a 100% sealed True HEPA filter to remove dust and mold particles. The 100% seal ensures optimal filtration, keeping your home free of airborne dust mites and mold spores.  Using metal cabinets, the Whisper 350 ensures that its filters will be efficiently protected. This model has an optional VOC canister available, which also removes smoke, odor, and Volatile Organic Compounds. The Amaircare 350 can be used as a free standing air purifier or installed into your home's central system. The Multi-Tech XJ-3000D is cost efficient yet effective at removing airborne contaminants.  It eliminates seasonal allergens, such as pollen and mold.  It boasts a True Medical Grade HEPA filter like the others.  This ensures a tight seal, allowing all air to pass through the filter and not any other tiny crevices.  While it also uses an Activated Carbon filter, it is not as dense as some of the  higher end models. It has low consumption costs; however, it is not as powerful as the more expensive models. The XJ-3000D is an efficient low cost air purifier for dust and mold.

Small and Portable
TSS technology Uses Heat Instead of Filters
Low Consumption Costs
No Replacement Costs. Airfree Does Not Use Filters
Traps 99% of Particulates
Uses 52 Watts of Power on High
2 Year Warranty

4-Stage Filtration System
HEGA Filter
60 ft. of True Medical HEPA
15 lbs of Activated Carbon Cloth
Steel Housing
Traps 99.97% of Particulates
Uses 135 Watts of Power on High
Designed for allergen removal
5 Year Warranty

3-Stage Filtration System
Optional VOC Canister (not included with this version)
100% Sealed True HEPA
Thermally Protected Class B Insulated Motor
Steel Housing
Traps 99.97% of Particulates
Uses 125 Watts of Power on High
Variable Speed Control
5 Year Warranty

Economical ($25-$50 yearly cost for replacement filters and UV lamps)
True HEPA Filter
Activated Carbon filter
Germicidal UV Lamp for Removal of Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi
Built In Timer which can be set to 1,2, or 4 hours.
Uses 50 Watts of Power on High
Traps 99.5% of Particulates
3 Year Warranty

No filters Filter life 3-5 years Filter life 2-5 years Filter life 1 year
For rooms up to 650 sq. ft. For rooms up to 1500 sq. ft. For rooms up to 2,000 sq. ft. For rooms up to 600 sq. ft.


Air Purifiers as a Remedy

Bleach, vinegar, and other home remedies are known to help treat mold.  However, agitated mold spores will be picked up by the air in your home, and even dead mold can cause adverse reactions.  Dust poses a similar problem: you can wipe your surfaces and vacuum constantly, but many of these particles will be inevitably kicked up into the air. 

Thus, an air purifier is a good supplement to regular vacuuming and dusting, as it will pick up the allergens you force airborne by cleaning surfaces.  For getting rid of dust and mold, we recommend air purifiers with HEPA filters.  If you are allergic to these particles, we don’t recommend the use of Ionizers, since these machines cause airborne particles to aggregate around the machine, meaning you will have to vacuum or mop the area quite often.  If you frequently experience mold in your home, ask us about dehumidifiers or check out our Dehumidifiers page. To compare several air purifier models, click the check box by the product, then click the compare button at the bottom of the page.

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