A/C Dehumidifier Combo





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A/C Dehumidifier Combo

This section includes air conditioners that feature significant dehumidifying capacity.  Most either come with a high-capacity condensate storage tank or a dual-hose setup, which allows condensate to be vented externally for continuous operation.  

Most portable air conditioners include a dehumidifier function as well, since this helps give the air a cooler feel and creates a more comfortable environment.  High humidity is uncomfortable for humans as it can inhibit bodily homeostasis via sweating, and it is dangerous for things like wiring, electrical machinery, the storage of documents or powders, and food storage areas.  However, only the air conditioners in this section feature dehumidifying capacity that would allow them to actually take the place of a single-purpose dehumidifier in most situations.

Important things to look at include the recommended square footage, which we include in each product listing. To determine square footage, manufacturers take into account certain operating specifications, such as Pints per Day, and calculate the maximum-sized area in which the machine would provide excellent performance.  Each model has a different level of power and output, so be sure to know what you are looking for.  For more information about selecting a dehumidifier, check out our Dehumidifier Buying Guide.  Additionally, you are always welcome to contact us with any questions regarding what you



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