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Ebac is also known as EIP or EIPL, for Ebac Industrial Products Limited.  Ebac's extensive line of dehumidifiers is sure to contain your application, whether you are looking to dry up a basement or maintain the level of humidity in your print shop.  Their dehumidifier applications also include crawl space, water damage restoration and cleaning, spa areas, cooling and ventilation, and all types of industrial and commercial-grade dehumidifier applications, such as restaurants, bakeries, document archives, storage areas, gyms and health clubs, locker rooms, and any situation involving concerns about the humidity level.  

Another thing that makes Ebac stand out is their signature anti-frost design, meaning that their machines will operate at cold temperatures.  Frost buildup is a huge issue for dehumidifiers, and Ebac has ensured that your dehumidifier will function at temperatures around or even below 40 degrees.  View compare the best dehumidifiers and find what's right for you. Feel free to Contact Us with any inquiries!

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