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Quiet Units

This section features air conditioners that function around or below 60 decibels, which is generally described to be the sound level of a "normal conversation."  This selection is designed for people looking for air conditioners to place in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and other areas within the home that we don't want getting too loud. Additional applications include waiting rooms, restaurants, offices, storefronts, shops, lobbies, and more.  

A great thing about many of these models is that they have variable speed control, meaning you can set the air conditioner to run more quietly when you are nearby while setting it to high-performance when you are away.

Please note that the products in this category are also placed within their respective categories - evaporative air coolers, window air conditioners, wall air conditioners, et cetera.  Be sure to contact us if you would like any advice regarding what model is best for you.

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