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Surround Air specializes in air purifiers that rid the air in your home of airborne allergens like mold spores and bacteria.  Their products provide great solutions to asthma and allergies, as air purifiers can be a good supplement to the regular cleaning of household surfaces and airflow passageways.  Surround Air has been part of the air purifier industry since 1998, and their R&D department uses clinical testing labs to fine-tune their air filtration machines.  If you are looking to get rid of allergies or have sensitivities to certain airborne particulates, Surround Air is a great place to start.  Filtering out biological particulates like viruses and bacteria is more complicated than simple dust and pet dander, and Surround Air's ionizers are specially designed for the job.  Surround air provides a 3 year warranty; for details, see our Warranty page.

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