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  • Manufacturer: Aims Power
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  • Aims Power PICOGLF20W24V120VR 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger New
  • Aims Power PICOGLF20W24V120VR 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger New
  • Aims Power PICOGLF20W24V120VR 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger New
  • Aims Power PICOGLF20W24V120VR 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger New
Aims Power PICOGLF20W24V120VR 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger New

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Aims Power PICOGLF20W24V120VR 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger New

Aims Power PICOGLF20W24V120VR 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter Charger New

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The 2000 watt 24 volt low frequency AIMS Power inverter charger transforms DC (direct current) power, produced by solar panels and stored by batteries, into AC (alternating current) electricity that can be used to run most all tools and appliances. This inverter also has a built in AC-to-DC battery converter charger, which allows users to recharge their battery bank from an AC source such as a fuel-powered generator, shore power or a regular outlet at home. This inverter also features a battery-type selector, which helps user regulate the voltage going into the battery bank. This capability can be a big money-saver since treating the battery bank properly will maximize its lifespan.
Overview (Right Column)

Brand new in box

Manufacturer direct shipping

Factory Warranty Included

Authorized Aims Dealer

Features (Left Column)
  • 2000 Watt Low Frequency Inverter
  • 6000 Watt Surge for 20 seconds 300% Surge Capability
  • Battery Priority Selector
  • AC Direct Connect Terminal Block
  • Marine Coated and Protected
  • Multi Stage Smart charger 30 Amp for gel, AGM, Lead and Lithium LiFePO4
Features (Right Column)
  • Remote Panel Available
  • Auto Frequency
  • 10msec Typical Transfer Time
  • Selectable 25W Power Save Mode (Hibernation)
  • 7 Battery Type Settings for Charger
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
Product Specifications (Left Column)
  • Continuous Output Power:2000 Watts
  • Surge Rating:6000 Watts (20 Seconds)
  • Output Waveform:Pure Sine/Same as input (Bypass Mode)
  • Nominal Efficiency:>88% (Peak)
  • Line Mode Efficiency:>95%
  • Output Frequency:50Hz +/- 0.3Hz / 60Hz +/- 0.3Hz
  • Typical Transfer Time:10ms (Max)
  • THD:< 10% DC
  • Ambient Operating Temperature:14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
  • Nominal Input Voltage:24.0Vdc
  • Minimum Start Voltage:20.0Vdc
  • Low Battery Alarm:21.0Vdc-22.0Vdc
  • Low battery Trip:20.0Vdc-21.0Vdc
  • High Voltage Alarm:32.0Vdc
  • Low battery Voltage Restart:26.6Vdc
  • Idle Consumption:26.5 watts
  • Power Saver Mode Idle Consumption:12.2 watts
  • Output voltage:Depends on Battery Type
  • Charger Rate:30A
  • Over Charge Protection Shutdown:31.4V
  • Adjustable Charge Current:off-20%-100%
  • Unit Weight:50 lbs.
  • Unit Size L x W x H:16.48 x 8.74 x 7.1 inches
Product Specifications (Right Column)

Package Contents:

  • Aims Inverter
  • Owner's manual
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Manuals & Documentation

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Keenan Kealy
Burnt up

When professionally hooked up it immediately smoked and burnt up. The return process is very time consuming and you have to jump through 2 different companies to get a refund

John Pianezze
A solid inexpensive choice for the RV

I converted my 28-foot travel trailer to a 24 volt lithium battery and Aims 2kW inverter. My design required 2kW of power for appliances and computers, 3Kwh of battery capacity, and user-friendly plug-and-play convenience. The inverter/charger/transfer-switch is the best choice for a simpler low-cost solution, because of these combined functions. At $659, the Aims product is half the cost of those from Victron, Magnum, Xantrex, GoPower, etc. That's important as it's almost half the total cost.

I found this Aims inverter to be good, but with some limitations:
* Changing from AC Priority to Battery Priority requires a dip-switch. While you mostly want AC priority for charging batteries on andn off shore power, you might want Battery Priority if you have good solar panels, and metered electric on a monthly hookup. Must choose one or the other if the inverter is locked away.
* charger is 24V 30A, but I can't get it to push more than 19A. Still don't know why.
* Inverter won't fire up under shore power, with a totally flat battery.
* Inverter is not a hybrid, so won't allow combining 30A shore power and another 80A from the battery.
* cutoff voltage is only configurable at 20 or 21 volts, but i'd rather cut it off higher, like at 23 or 24. Out of luck.
* Support didn't respond to my request for help with transformer buzzing. (I discovered this issue was covered in the excellent user guide, so no issue, but why not respond to my tech-support request? It left me with doubts wheher I could rely on Aims in the long term.

Overall very satisfied with what I got for the price I paid, and FactoryPure had the best price, and fast 2-day delivery direct from the factory. Thanks!

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