Ebac AD850E Streamlined Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier

Manufacturer: Ebac


Ebac AD850E Streamlined Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier - FactoryPure
Ebac AD850E Streamlined Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier - FactoryPure


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Ebac AD850E Streamlined Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier

Ebac AD850E Streamlined Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier

Besides being uncomfortable, an area with high humidity can present a host of problems for your property, such as mold growth, mildew, and foundation damage. Damp environments are also very friendly to cockroaches, termites, dust mites, other insects, and even snakes and rats. Excess airborne moisture also poses a threat to wooden furniture, electrical appliances, machinery, wiring, and documents of all types. It will remove around 56 PPD [Pints per Day] of water from air in rooms up to 1700 square feet in size.

The Ebac AD850E [1028020] humidifier is the effective answer to excessive humidity problems. Coming in at 50 decibels, the AD850E is one of the quieter machines out there, meaning it will work well as a home dehumidifier. The mechanical and aesthetic design of the Ebac AD850E makes it the ideal choice for a dehumidifier that is present within a populated area, such as computer labs, spas, gyms, health clubs, schools, museums, indoor pool areas, apartments, restaurants, bakeries, households, and more. However, the Ebac AD850E will still work wonders in a crawl space, basement, cellar, or storage area. This is a wall-mounted unit and is meant to function as a stationary, stand-alone dehumidifier.

Ebac's machines are meant to efficiently maintain humidity levels with little required maintenance. They are also designed to withstand colder environments (down to 40 degrees or even lower for some models), which is a typical problem for dehumidifiers. Protect your property with an Ebac dehumidifier.


Ebac AD850E 1028020 Key Features

Cross-flower blower style fan for efficient and operation
Adjustable-control humidistat to set desired level of dryness
High-efficiency rotary compressor
Two fan speeds
Condensate pump
Streamlined modern design
Power-On Indicator
Low noise level - 50 decibels
Membrane operating control panel
Wall mounting bracket
As an Ebac authorized dealer, this item comes with a one-year unconditional warranty against any defects in workmanship or material. This warranty will cover all parts and labor required to repair your Ebac product.
Perfect For Rooms Up To: 1700 sq. ft.

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