• Manufacturer: England's Stove Works
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  • England's Stove Works Summers Heat 50-SHSSW01 Smartstove 2,200 sq. ft. Wood Stove New
England's Stove Works Summers Heat 50-SHSSW01 Smartstove 2,200 sq. ft. Wood Stove New

  • England's Stove Works Summers Heat 50-SHSSW01 Smartstove 2,200 sq. ft. Wood Stove New

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England's Stove Works Summers Heat 50-SHSSW01 Smartstove 2,200 sq. ft. Wood Stove New

England's Stove Works Summers Heat 50-SHSSW01 Smartstove 2,200 sq. ft. Wood Stove New

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Stepping forward into the next generation of wood heat, the Automatic Air Setback (AAS) system makes fires easier to light and maintain, with a clean, beautiful flame. Just light your fire, set the trigger and walk away – no more babysitting your fire with the Smartstove™.

Sturdy and strong, but with a healthy dose of ambiance – this 2,000 sq. ft. wood stove covers all the bases. The 2.45 cu. ft. firebox with XBT Technology holds logs up to 18 in. long, and can burn through the night with a full load of wood. The latest EPA Certification means that you’ll have very clean, efficient burns, but it also means you’ll use less fuel for the same amount of heat as older, non-certified stoves.

Integrated, wrap-around heat shields offer safer operation and more placement options in your home, and stylish, cool-touch spring handles accent the stove’s classic style. The extra-large viewing glass gives a full, beautiful view of the fire, and, to top it all off, a free room air blower is included!

Overview (Right Column)
New in box
Factory direct
5 year warranty on firebox, 1 year warranty on electrical components
Authorized Englands Stove Works dealer
Ships from the manufacturer in VA


Features (Left Column)
  • Heats Up to 2,000 Sq. Ft. – To ensure a warm, cozy living space
  • Features Automatic Air Setback – For more reliable start-ups and reloads
  • High-Tech Non-Catalytic XBT™ Firebox – Produces maximum results from your fuel.
  • EPA Certified to Latest Standards  Translates into very clean, efficient burns - you use less fuel for the same amount of heat than non-certified stoves.
  • Generates 80,000 BTU Per Hour When burning seasoned cordwood for steady, dependable heat..
  • Outside Air Hook-Up  Provides fresh air for excellent fuel combustion.
  • Cast Iron Door and Quality, Made in USA Welded Steel Body Promises years of durable service.
  • Integrated, Wrap-Around Heat Shields– For safer operation and more placement options in your home.
Features (Right Column)
  • Cool Touch Nickel Handle Set– Accents the stove's classic style.
  • 6 In. Top Vent Fits standard stove pipe ad allows for easier installation.
  • Accepts 18 In. Logs– Means less log cutting than with smaller stoves.
  • No Heavy Floor Protection Needed Only spark & ember.
  • Deep, Side-Access Ash Pan Holds plenty of ashes between clean-out.
  • Simple, Classic Design Complimented by Satin Black Steel body Makes this a great fit in any home.
  • Largest viewing Glass in Class– Offers a clear, beautiful view of the fire. 
  • Unique, angled Pedestal and Proportioned Design Adds and elegant touch.
  • Lab Tested to UL and ULC Standards– For product safety
  • Approved for Mobile Home Installation
Product Specifications (Left Column)
24"W x 35.5"H x 29"D
365 LBS
9 1/4"H x 16 1/2"W
BTU 50,000

Product Specifications (Right Column)

Package Contents:

  • Pellet Stove
  • Owner's manual


This product includes a 1 year manufacturers warranty on electrical components and a 5 year manufacturers warranty on the fire box. 
Manuals & Documentation

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Walter Thomson
What Stove?

After waiting for stove to be built for 2 months, when it arrived it was so badly damaged we refused delivery and sent your company pictures of the damage. At this time you have had our money since mid-October and we still do not have a stove and now almost December 1st. What gives with your company that you do not know this information regarding our order.

al martineau
wood stove

I love the stove and I cant wait to use it . I have not set it up yet But I'm getting ther. I received it in great shape, FDX did a good job,

Ryan Stohl
Summers Heat 50-SHSSW01 Smartstove 2,200 sq. ft. Wood Stove New

I was a little concerned with the size of the unit when it arrived but it has by far been a great unit. I use it in the basement as secondary heat or sole heat source when mild temps out. (Northwest Ohio country weather) I have cut my wood use down by over 50% and haven’t lost any heating percentage. Great stove

Doesn’t seem to burn

I just installed my stove I purchased from Lowe’s. I tried to find out how the stove worked. I talked to three sales people and not one knew anything at all about the stove. After installing the stove I had a very difficult time trying to get the stove to burn. The instructions say not to open the door when burning. It doesn’t seem to be getting any air to the stove. If I crack the door just a very little it burns. When I close it tight it doesn’t burn. Am I doing something wrong? When I try to open the door the smoke fills my house. Could you please tell me what to do. I have been burning wood in my old stove for forty five years and have never had this problem. I said I would never purchase anything again without seeing it work. Please help me solve this problem.

Howard Zangari
Good Stove

Received my stove in good time. Great stove. However, the fan is extremely noisy, and it gasses off a lot during break in. The cureing of the paint smells and fills the room with paint smoke. Other than those two minor issues. It's a great stove for the price.
Good value, great stove.

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